Ask The Originals And They’ll Answer At Comic Con 2014.


Ask The Originals And They’ll Answer At Comic Con 2014.

Ask The Originals And They'll Answer At Comic Con 2014. Excited for  this years Comic Con panel with The Originals? I’m sure we all have tons of questions after the season finale earlier this year. Spoilers that we have gotten so far: Hayley will have a hard time transitioning into being a hybrid. Klaus will have issues because not one but both his parents are back. Hope and Rebekah are still in the wings too. So where does that leave Elijah, Marcel, Camille and Davina? Here’s your chance to ask away. Don’t forget to use the hashtag on Twitter #AskTheOriginals. The Originals panel will take place Friday, July 25th in ballroom 20. Starting at 4:15pm west coat time. We will let you know if we find a link to all the action. Just in case you need help with questions check out this quick little recap video.

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Don’t miss The Originals re watch happening during the CWSummer. Catch all the episodes again every Thursday night starting at 9pm. Relive your highs and lows, heart breaks and heartaches all over again. So what are you waiting for? Get on Twitter and ask away!!

The Originals Comic Con Panel 2013

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