When I fell in love with Klaroline.

Klaroline Magazine is hosting a great event for us Klaroliners. The Story of Klaroline kicks off today so join in on Twitter and Tumblr to celebrate the eternal ship Klaroline. Here is a summary of this weeks events:

Hello, everyone! Thanksgiving is almost upon us — I know, I know, where has the time gone? — and in celebration of that, we are hosting a week long fandom event on Twitter.

During the upcoming week, November 23rd through 27th, we will take a trip down memory lane and we will be using the #StoryOfKlaroline hashtag to create a collection of our tweets for the event.

Most of you are probably wondering why we’re using #StoryOfKlaroline as our hashtag, well, Klaroline is a story, of course. Only it’s a story with a twist — there’s no ending. Klaroline is eternal. It will forever live on. Throughout the week, you can participate by using the hashtag with Klaroline tweets, edits, gifs and/or join in our themed days below! Click here for full week 

Day 1, Monday the 23rd Back to the beginning: When did you start shipping Klaroline and why?

Fandom Events: The Story of Klaroline

Well for me it was the very first scene they shared in TVD episode 3×11. It really gave me a different outlook on Klaus. I never shipped them as a couple in this scene, but the chemistry was there from jump. What drew me to this scene was Klaus’s vulnerability. I honestly think Klaus expected to come in all high and mighty, but Caroline’s bluntness and affliction caught him off guard. At this moment, I think Klaus begins to see a lot of himself in Caroline. She was honest and expected the worse but showed no fear that intrigued Klaus. We all know Caroline is stubborn and in that moment, it seems she was not about to let this evil man take any power from her. So…for me, Klaus knew then his approach to anything involving Caroline had to come from a truthful place. As he explains to her the beauty of the world and how he too has struggled with his immortality, including thinking he was not worthy or chosen. The look they share for me signals that both knew this relationship would be anything but simple. How could a person that has done horrible things, open himself up to someone he hardly knew.  I think that’s the question Caroline had on her mind and moving forward throughout their interactions on the show. She saw his humanity that night and continued to see it, even if he did try to hide it from her.  So yes…this first scene set the tone for my future on board the KC ship.

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Fandom Events: The Story of Klaroline

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