normal_TheOriginals209-0791Yes….I finally have found a ship on The Originals that I adore. Klaus and Hope and there is no denying Klaus will do anything for his daughter. After this weeks episode “Sanctuary” that much still holds true. Sure throughout the course of The Originals, Klaus has shown his devotion to his daughter. But since the beginning of season 2 it’s really picked up. By the way is their ship name Klaope? If you know for sure send me a tweet.

Beware spoilers below:

In this weeks episode Hayley calls Klaus out and puts all her eggs in one basket with Jackson. Klaus explains to Hayley that he and he alone can protect his daughter. While Hayley see’s different. Having the wolves on little Hopes side can only be a good thing….right.  Klaus always having a plan B, finally sees that Hayley is stubborn and is not changing her plea. Leading to the neck snap heard around the fandom.


Now on to my ship…..In the past episodes Klaus has made it pretty widely know that he will die for his daughter and she is all that matters. He’s killed his father, is fighting his family from the grave and present adding to list, snaps Hayley’s neck along the way. If that’s not Klaus showing his devotion by betraying Hayley then I don’t know what is. I can really say it was great to see my old Klaus again. Klaus has always been charming, manipulative, diabolical and fast on his feet.  This is what it takes to keep his daughter safe and free from harm. This is the Klaus we need to see every episode. Sure him and Hayley will patch things up. Moving forward if Hayley thinks Klaus she can stand in his way when it comes to Hope. She’s got another thing coming. You have to remember Klaus’ love for his family runs deep and he tends to show it in the worst ways. But that KLAUS!!  Hayley being part of the family now is no different so if he feels the need to put her aside for a bit and do what he sees fit. That is sure to happen.

Hopemtumblr_nfl2usBI111spohxio6_r1_400Already having her daddy’s heart in her hands this little girl is truly Klaus’s love and If the writers stick to this for the remainder of the season…I’ll be okay.  Putting the “will they are won’t they behind” and if there will ever be romance between Klaus and Hayley. Has shadowed what we all should be cheering for. A father that loves his daughter and is willing to die for her.  I still believe this is not Klaus’s  only redemption and I also know at some point he will yearn for a different kind of love. But for now it’s well understandably that it’s just all about baby Hope and that’s it.

Sorry ladies but I can imagine Klaus planing a beautiful throne for his princess that will sit beside his. As far as the women to fill the queens chair…..well in my heart I like to think she has not yet set foot in New Orleans. One things for sure whomever it ends up being in the long run, better not try to come between Klaus and Hope.

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