TVD and The Originals are shipper shows, so whom did you love first? 

Who did you stan first before shipping KC?

caroline-grey-the-vampire-diaries-tv-series-season-4-promo-photos_6When I came across this poll on Twitter, it made me think. I fell in love with Caroline during season one. When she took down Mason as a baby vampire and stood her ground with Damon, I remember cheering in front of my television. Caroline came into season one as the girl in the shadows. In Everyone’s life, that is the place she held. To Liz, the shadows of a failed marriage. To Elena, the girl always in her shadow. As Caroline turns vampire, she fears what she has become but loves the power it grants her. She now feels the confidence that she tried to convince everyone she had in season one. When I saw the fight in Caroline, I knew this was my girl.

The Originals -- "Ashes to Ashes" Image Number: OG222b_0598.jpg -- Pictured: Joseph Morgan as Klaus -- Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Klaus came on the scene like no other character in The Vampire Diaries history. See what I loved about the first three seasons of the show is the storytelling. When they started to introduce Klaus, the stories from Rose, Elijah and Trevor left the audience on edge. We had to meet this supervillain. Then once we found out the supervillain was among us, things changed very quickly. Klaus came in terrifying and unpredictable, Stefan leaving with him did not sit nicely with me. However, as the story unfolds, I see more of this character and his loneliest, I start to see him as the most loving of them all. He does not show you at first, but something must have hurt this vampire/hybrid for him to feel this way. A vulnerability that is often found in ways of affection be it family, friends or lovers. So I was all for wanting to know more about Klaus Mikaelson.

So when it came to Klaroline, I loved them because of what each brought out, which goes backFangirl Talk: Who Did You Love First in Your "Ship"? to why I love each character. Caroline brought out the human side of Klaus, as he brought out a stronger side of Caroline. She did not hide behind a shadow with Klaus, as he was comfortable letting his humanity show around her. So that is when I knew this was my ship. However, as I posted my tweet back and got the response of that is interesting, it made me wonder. If the likability of both characters has an effect on the ship itself or its popularity?

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So to put a little love and fangirling back into this fandom, I think we could all use a ship hate free zone now. Put in the comments whom you fell in love with and why. Including what you love about your ship. This post will stay up as I check the comments I’ll post them on Instagram as quotes. Something fun and exciting to just stop and make us thin why we are so passionate about our ships and the love we have for them.

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