Five Reasons You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season

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If you are not watching The Originals last season, you are missing out. Every show hits a bump with some seasons; it could be a different vision or new writers that cause that effect. However, most shows come up become stronger because of it. The Originals has proved the later to be true. This season is shaping up to take my number two spot for best Originals’ seasons throughout the series and here are a few reasons why.

Five Reason You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season1. Mikaelsons, Mikaelsons, Mikaelsons…need I say more: The Originals slacked on the main characters of the show during season three and four, but boy has that changed. This season is all about the Mikaelsons, and I’m here for it as I was since the beginning. Many forget that this show was picked up and giving a shot off The Original three Mikaelsons (Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, Daniell Gillies) and although we have not seen the huge family reunion yet. Getting a little glimpse of what each sibling is doing is what I love and makes this possible reunion worth the wait.

Five Reason You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season

2. Time Jump/Pace: This is the best decision Julie Plec has made in the last season thus far. I’ve always broken the seasons up by the threat or pull behind each and Hope Mikaelson as a teenager has opened the door for more storylines. The best one being the honest conversations her and Klaus can have. Also seeing the impact of those conversations in each character, speeding up the pace on what this show was all about the first place. Family and how Klaus’s daughter will shape his future. Kudos to Danielle Rose Russell 

Five Reason You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season3. Joseph Morgan: I’ve enjoyed every episode of Klaus thus far this season, and I’ve asked myself why. The main reason is the writer’s ability to capture Klaus at his best and then having him work through his faults. Previous seasons of this series spent tons of time having long exposition episodes, which slowed down the show quite a lot. The magic that Joe brings to Klaus is the way he works through Klaus’s layers in his overall performance. Klaus never needed exposition of his feelings or thoughts; Joe does that all too well himself, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with the character.4.

Five Reason You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season
4. Overall Storyline: I’ve embraced this storyline so far this season. I loved the Elijah (Daniel Gillies) episode and thought it was long overdue. Elijah has always been the well put together brother that still stood by his vow. This season they showed a different side of Elijah and not (The Red Door Elijah which I had significant issues with but that’s another story). It was Elijah finally realizing what Klaus shared with Stefan about his relationship with his brother when it comes to sacrifices for each other. Elijah understands that every time he helps or sacrifices for Klaus or his family it kills a bit of him in the process, which later slowly erodes the relationship between the brothers. It’s great to see that part of his character explored this season. I know Klaus and Elijah will find their way back but witnessing this journey take place is terrific.

Five Reason You Should Be Watching The Originals Final Season
5. KLAROLINE!! Can I say about damn time, I’ve always felt the many layers of Klaus revealed during TVD was partly due to his interactions with Caroline Forbes (Candice King), and it was heavily implied throughout the series. When they decided to disconnect that part of Klaus’s storyline I thought they wounded a part of his character that was the driving force behind his success on TVD. Klaus is brilliant and has said more than one a very patient man. Many believe Caroline played Klaus in some parts of the series early on, but I never saw it that way. He acknowledged it plenty of times, but the ability he had to make the most of every one of their interactions learning more about her and in return more about himself was the beauty of Klaroline. I don’t see this as fanservice I see this as an essential part of Klaus that has been long ignored finally getting the attention it needed for so many years. I don’t think it takes away from other women in Klaus’s long life because we’ve had that time. So why not have this one?

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