Four Years Of Klaroline: The Klaroline Fandom is Really Family


Four Years Of Klaroline: The Klaroline Fandom is Really FamilyThe Klaroline journey is one of ups and downs, but one thing stands true in this fandom. We are a family and boy does that feel good. This video showcases people around the world brought together by one ship and showing their love for Klaus and Caroline. The Klaroline fandom has wowed The Vampire Diaries and The Originals writers/actors for years. The dedication, organization, and faith are sincere when it comes to this fandom. However, Caroline (Candice King) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) are on two separate shows but where most fandoms have died the Klaroline fandom has risen. Making a vow to keep forever their ship afloat regardless of being told to let go, move on and other negative things. This Fandom has gotten bigger, stronger and more steadfast in their approach to keeping that promise. Taking a look at where this family has been and gone through, just this week Julie Plec confirms a crossover with The Originals and that Caroline will play a dramatic role in it. Regardless of what others are saying, just seeing a fandom excited and happy over small things is astounding. With other ships of both shows getting plenty of scenes if not more, it stands true that when it is good, a little goes a long way. Julie Plec should take note because magic like this only happens once and for a show runner that should mean a lot. Happy Four Years Of Klaroline my family – Arcena P

Thank you, Klaroline Endgame for the heads up. xx

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