Guess Who Candice Accola Would Love To Play?


Guess Who Candice Accola Would Love To Play?

In my dinner date with Candice Accola a fan asks, who else besides Caroline would she would love to play. And guess who she names.. Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). Following up with a female version of course.  This is not far fetch given Klaus made his appearance on TVD swapping bodies and if things get any crazier in New Orleans. He may need pull out all his tricks.  If your listen Julie Plec this may be your ‘organic crossover’. No one would ever expect Klaus to inhabit a feisty ,blond bombshell. He would have an advantage with no one really knowing anything about Caroline but a select few. Which we hope will change in the future. Check out the rest of the video below.


Still doubt Candice Accola can pull it off. Check out this scene below. Where she tricks Klaus himself as Silas.

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