However Long It Takes: Klaroline Video That Made Me Cry.


Klaus and Caroline | However Long It Takes…[Klaroline Video]

This video left me with so many feelings on Klaroline. It took the viewer through their whole relationship on TVD and how beautiful it was. How you could see during season 4, how Klaus was changing. How he was thinking of someone other than himself before. That person was Caroline. This is one of the first Klaroline videos I’ve watched that has really made me cry. This video washed away all of the ship wars, all of the writers saying Klaroline was over for now. It went back to the basic art of storytelling. Taking the viewer on a ride of the every changing and complicated relationship between these two. Seeing how both Caroline and Klaus changed because of being in each other’s lives.  I wish some of the new viewers of The Originals could see this part of Klaus’ character. As much as I love The Originals and some of the character growth Klaus has made. I feel this was the part that was missing. The part that made the TVD viewers fall in love with this character.

Klaroline … Why We Love Them.

However Long It Takes: Klaroline Video That Made Me Cry.I understand why they had to separate the storyline’s but there is no denying the EPIC love story of Caroline and Klaus. What it could, should and hopefully will be. I never had a problem with Caroline not being on the show, because I guess I felt the writers would slowly move her from TVD to The Originals. That is still a possibility but the writers sure are keeping us guessing. But if they ever need to let The Originals’ viewers see flashbacks or a quick history on Klaroline before “A” crossover. This video sums it up nicely. No manips or different dialog, everything said in this video is conversations Caroline and Klaus have had. To each other and to the people surrounding them. Thank you @Coldrequiem for this awesome video.

Looking forward to how the writers are going to make him more emotional in season 2 of The Originals. Or at least that the spoilers they are giving us. Which yes…it is different with a child but the emotions Klaus showed on TVD, should extend into his fears of being a father. Especially now that Mikael and Esther are back.  And if so…I hope it will be as good as this.

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