Joseph Morgan: Caroline’s Effect On Klaus in New Orleans


After last nights The Originals, I figured we would get a Klaroline shout out from one of the writers or cast members. Joseph Morgan gave his thoughts on Caroline’s effect on Klaus and his favorite moment between the two. Also…that Klaus still cares for Caroline. Morgan hinted that Klaroliners may have to wait a while.

Has getting to explore Klaus, in this way, changed your perception of him?

MORGAN: From the beginning, when he came on at the end of Season 2, I looked for motive in what he was doing. tvd-recap-my-brothers-keeper-25I never just thought, “Oh, he’s evil. He’s an evil guy, coming to do evil things.” I thought, “Well, why does he want to do this?” It was clear, from the beginning, that he’d had a difficult childhood. I knew that he was the product of an affair and I knew that his father hated him, and that gave me a place to start. He felt inadequate and insecure, desperately craving the love of his parents and their affirmation. Just every little nuance of history that they’ve given me has helped me explore further and flesh out the character. I think he’s constantly doing things that surprise me, but that’s the point. He should. I’ve always said you shouldn’t know what he’s gonna do next. That’s one of the biggest draws in the character. Sometimes he’s really kind. My favorite pairing was in Episode 7 of Season 4, where he takes Caroline on that date and they have this conversation and he reads her letter of aspirations that he found by the lake. It’s this beautiful scene. And then, the next time we see him, he’s slaughtering 12 hybrids with a sword and drowning Tyler’s mom in the fountain. Those are the two sides of him. Those are his extremes. I love that there’s always surprise, where Klaus is concerned. And now that there’s a baby on the way, he’s going to continue to surprise us, every step of the way.

That was one of my favorite moments between Klaus and Caroline too. He was honest with her and was not trying to be indifferent. Ah…the memories.

More on Klaus and Caroline 

Joseph, was it disappointing not to get to fully explore the Klaus/Caroline relationship, or is it fun to have that still hanging with the hope for a cross-over someday?
MORGAN: I think that the reason that Damon and Elena were so popular on the show and so many people wanted that to happen was because it didn’t happen for so long, but it nearly happened so many times. It was teased so much. So, I see the value of drawing something out. But, you ultimately have to give the fans what they want. That can’t be a never-ending process. I didn’t feel like it should have happened sooner, or that something should have happened between them. The last scene I did on The Vampire Diaries was me telling her, “I plan to be your last love.”
I don’t think the writers are just going to leave it now, and that’s it. They wouldn’t have done that. They wouldn’t have hung that out there for people. But, people might have to wait a good while. It’s interesting because it was never supposed to be anything much. I did that one scene on her birthday where I told her of all the possibilities out there, and that just worked so well that they continued it. We’ll see. I don’t know. I enjoy the fact that there’s someone out there, in the world, that has that affect on Klaus and who he thinks about, in that way. I take that into his life in New Orleans. He carries her with him, in that way, regardless of whether she’s there in the flesh or not.

When you found out about the whole pregnancy storyline, did you react with as much shock as the audience did?
MORGAN: I didn’t realize that the baby was Klaus’, at first. I knew there was a baby, and I knew it was Phoebe’s character that was going to have the baby. We had just done the episode where we had hooked up, but for some reason, I didn’t put it all together, which is so naive of me, now looking back on it. I just thought she had this baby from a previous relationship, or something. I was really excited about it because I’ve seen how enjoyable it is for me to explore those little vulnerable moments with such a blood thirsty monster. He’s had these vulnerable moments with his family and with his mother and with his sister, in particular, and then with Caroline and now with this baby. If he lets that feeling in and he starts to care, then we go further with that vulnerability than we’ve ever been, and that also means that anyone who threatens those relationships, we can go further with that fury than we’ve ever been. It’s nice to be able to expand.


Well, there you have it KCer’s. It looks like this is going to be a long haul for Klaus and Caroline to finally explore their feelings. What do you think? Do you think they play with Klaroliners’ hearts to keep the interest up? JP seems the thrive on it with her tweet earlier today. Which I find funny because I always see hate tweets concerning other ships but deep down I know Julie loves the Klaroliners because she always talks about us.

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