Joseph Morgan on Unresolved Romances, Bucket Lists and His Muse.

Just Jared teased us all day with great behind the scenes photos of the handsome Joseph Morgan. Well…the wait is over and they finally revealed the interview and photos. Can this man get any more gorgeous?


JJ: What are the next two things that you want to check off your bucket list?

JM: Skydiving! I’ve always wanted to do that. Although, I’m a little timid about heights, but I suppose at that height, it doesn’t matter. I’m not frightened to look out the window of the plane, but I think the actual jumping moment. I heard sometimes they push you out the plane, so maybe I’ll need that, like I’ll need to be pushed out.

I do play guitar a bit, but I’m trying to learn to be really good at the time. My wife got me an electric guitar for Christmas. I’ve brought an acoustic to work, so I’m going to annoy everyone at work by playing really loudly. And hopefully eventually I’ll get good! I’m like a campfire guitarist. I learned in the 90s, so I can play all the 90s indie tunes. Like Oasis, and Blur, and all these bands. I need to update my guitar playing. I’m trying to learn serious stuff like scales and modes.

Just Jared: What is the potential for another crossover between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries?

Joseph Morgan: It’s an interesting question, because we’ve done two so far. With Tyler coming over seeking revenge and we did one with Tatia, which was Nina [Dobrev] coming. There’s a lot of people wanting to see Caroline crossing over to New Orleans to visit Klaus, because of that sort of unresolved romance that happened back in Vampire Diaries.

I’m sure they will use another crossover because why wouldn’t they? It’s a wonderful opportunity. It might be nice to see another character that I don’t have a history with. I like Michael Malarkey, who plays Enzo on Vampire Diaries. I’d love him to cross over just ’cause I’d get to spend more time

JJ: Do you consider her the opposite of you? Like she complements you? Or do you have a lot more things in common?

JM: We have more in common definitely. We do almost everything together. We’re pretty codependent. Recently, she came to LA before me, about three days before me, and that’s the first time we’ve been apart from each other for… way before getting married. We both paint, we have a room in our apartment where we’ve taken the carpets up and we have like painting parties. She’s also a really talented musician, so we’ve been playing a little music together. We made a short film together. She’s this kind of incredible muse for me as well. And I think I’m for her as well. We encourage and inspire each other and that’s what I’ve always really wanted. But I saw marriage as being something else but my marriage is that, which is incredible to me. It’s great. (smiles)

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