A Klaroliners Manifesto


As you all know I guest write for the most awesome magazine ever…Klaroline Magazine. Well, with all the news swirling around about Klaus returning to Mystic Falls and the shipping news we got from Zap it. Things got a little crazy. I don’t understand why some are upset at this news. The Originals is a spin-off and Julie and the cast already said there would be crossovers. Now as far as shipping I do ship, but I do not agree with ship wars. Please remember that….and YES!! if you must know I ship Klaroline. But I do respect and understand his relationship with Hayley and Cami. Whomever you ship, do it. We all have that right;)

So for my Klaroline loving heart, I wrote a manifesto for us Klaroliners. Here is a snippet.

When they realize truly that we have anchored this ship and it’s not going anywhere. Anyone standing beside Klaus & Caroline, will never have the same electricity as these two together. They won every single poll they were in. That speaks volumes for a couple that has never kiss or been intimate.

I mean look at it….really. You have two separate shows and one subject keeps popping up….Klaroline. So for the actors and writers,you may be tired of answering Klaroline questions. As Julie Plec, Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan put it. They never thought it would be such a big thing and I don’t think they really understand why. I’ll make it simple:

Caroline is the Yin and Klaus is the Yang.

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