Klaus & Caroline aka (Klaroline) Win ’2013′s Hottest TV Couple’ Poll


What will The Originals and The Vampire Diaries writers do with this outstanding poll vote. Yes, it’s official Klaus and Caroline better know as Klaroline won this years hottest TV couple. The amazing part is they are not even on the same show anymore. Which caused enough controversy itself. But the Klaroline fandom is strong and large. Hollywood life reported an astounding 1.2 million individual votes. Now if you’re a CW executive or Julie Plec and your thinking rather or not this ship needs to happen at some point. I would say yes, look at the vote turn out. That could be 1.2 million viewers. Let’s not forget their goodbye was the most rewound moment of 2013. So this pairing has a strong following for sure. Joseph Morgan has even noticed it and had plenty to say in this interview.

tumblr_mkehaxkjlt1s4q2oio1_r1_500We asked, you responded, and after more than 1.2 million individual votes, you’ve selected The Vampire Diaries‘ Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola) as HollywoodLife.com‘s hottest TV couple of 2013. This is especially impressive when you consider that “Klaroline” isn’t even technically a couple — each half of the ship is currently on a different show — but it only goes to show the tenacity of the fandom, and its desire to see the star-crossed lovers reunite.

I’ll admit, I haven’t always been completely sold on the idea of Klaus and Caroline as an official “couple,” but I’m slowly warming up to the idea. Originally, I couldn’t get past all of the horrible things Klaus did — killing Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) mother in cold blood, for example — but then I got to thinking: Hasn’t Damon (Ian Somerhalder) done horrible things to the people in Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life, and don’t we all continue to root for their happiness?

It’s all a matter of how far you’re willing to go to forgive a character’s wrongdoings and give them a second chance. You could raise the whole “abusive relationship” argument, but let’s be real: Klaus and Caroline live in a world in which vampires exist. The rules are different, and rationality is often null and void.

And those hoping for a Caroline-Klaus reunion might actually be in luck! Given the recent report that Klaus will be returning to The Vampire Diaries before the end of the fifth season, it’s safe to assume he’ll come face-to-face with his fellow winner this May. I know he’s got a lot going on in New Orleans, but do you really think he’d pass up a chance to see Caroline?!

Source: Hollywood life

I love parts of The Originals and see great potential but some TVD viewers don’t even watch the show yet but could. My love for the show comes from the hope that things will get better, plus Joseph Morgan is my all time favorite.  Julie Plec knows how loyal and tenacious this fandom is, she understands their drive.  JP has admitted it herself. It looks like Klaus and Caroline fans are not going anywhere anytime soon. Regardless of the two being on different shows. So my only question now. Is when are we going to see Caroline’s official character poster for The Originals? Here’s a fan-made version of what it could look like.


Congratulations Klaroliners we are everything I predicted we were as fans. Check out our manifesto

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