Klaus and Caroline Fans Make Their Own Web Series.

[pull_quote_left]However Long It Takes [/pull_quote_left]  Klaus and Caroline’s romance was derailed and left fans wanting more. After promises of crossovers, mentions and closure that felt more like a slap in the face then “fan service.”  Add to being called delusional, crazy and told to get over this “dead ship” by fellow fandom members. Klaroliners have endured a lot. And to think it all started with just a few bad apples, which every ship fandom has. That has left a sour taste in the mouths of others when it comes to this fandom. It’s sad because this fandom is talented, sassy and clever and some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. If you can get pass pretenses and really take the time to get to know one.


Which leads us to now……After Caroline’s mention was cut from The Originals episode fans were heartbroken. How can someone who meant something to Klaus, never be spoken of in his present.  Sure we understand Klaus has a lot on his plate but if he can have sessions with Camille, then he can pick the phone up and at least call Caroline. Draw in his sketch pad or look in it for that matter. I’m sure this blonde is plastered all over an old sketch pad of Klaus Mikaelson somewhere.


But this fandom survived one night stands, almost kisses and baby Hope. To still believe in a forever after for these two. The media sure isn’t letting up either but if Julie Plec and Co. think that will stop fans of Klaus and Caroline. She best have a look at this. A clever and talented fan of Klaroline has started a web series based off the duo. The Klaroline Diaries is a shippers dream. Nothing but Klaus and Caroline the full episode. Clever by way of the edits, which you can tell took a lot of time. Talented because…hey I could never do that. So if we have to wait for what seems like forever or organic. Feast your eyes on this lovelies and let’s live in fanon world. Enjoy!!!

So far it’s only one episode of this series. So go subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay on top of when the next episode is uploaded. Thank you again to this wonderful person and keep up the good work.



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