Klaus Encounters: Joseph Morgan Dishes On Cami, Caroline and Hayley


In his recent TV guide interview Joseph Morgan (Klaus) dishes on everything. He talks about how fans feel about Klaus and Hayley(Phoebe Tonkin) having a baby. Where Klaus’s relationship with Cami (Leah Pipes) is heading and where his last love Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) fits into all of this.

Season 1, Episode 101A
credit: CW

Who Klaus doesn’t want to kill in the French Quarter:  Bartender Cami (Leah Pipes). He feels she understands his darkness. He confides in her, but she has very mixed feeling about what he reveals.

Well, from the stills of the upcoming episode premiering tomorrow night, maybe this is where Klaus is revealing some deep dark secrets to Cami.  To make sure you haven’t missed anything, check out the recap and review of “Always and Forever”.

Some viewers hate the idea that Klaus is having a baby with werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), don’tKlausCarolineHayley they? They’re  die-hard Klaus and Caroline (Candice Accola) fans who don’t like anything that might hurt that relationship. I’d say to them, “Don’t worry. It’s not going where you think it will”




I don’t agree with that one bit Joseph and I hate to disagree with you. But I love Caroline. I don’t want to see her pregnant with Klaus’s baby either. My issue with the baby plot comes from the way Klaus reacted last week. It has nothing to do with Caroline. Poor Elijah is daggered in a box after he pours his heart out to his brother. Klaus just can’t wrap his head around the idea of being a father yet. Which is understandable with his background. Elijah did point out that unconditional love could come from this child but I don’t think that’s the answer to Klaus’s redemption. This is where the I am at a cross roads with the baby plot,  I think he needs love but from someone who chooses to be there and never leave his side. Sometimes that bond is stronger than blood. But we will see, I am with Klaus on this one. Maybe the next following weeks can change both our minds about this magical baby. Plus Klaroline fans don’t give up, Joseph did give hope and that’s what all EPIC love stories have is hope.

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