The Originals A&F Introduces An Awesome The Originals Fandom Section.


We know you love The Originals and so do we but this fandom is gifted with amazing talent. So we are expanding with the help of you. We have selected three contributors for this new section. Entitled The Originals Fandom—>>you can find the tag in our menu and on the front page sidebar. It will give you the latest updates to that section. What will we feature? Anything related and respectful to The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Including but no limited to opinions pieces, videos, fanfics, gifs, and edits. You name it we will feature it. This section is starting up so we only have a few things listed. I’m sure it will grow fast with the amazing talent of this fandom.

We have been doing a fan-made video of the week on this site since it’s creation. But with the recent message from Joseph and how much the cast and writers love to see our work. I dedicated to expand the section.

How do I get my stuff to your site?

Simple just contact any of our Contributors and they will see what you have and if it would be a great fit.

Lila ~ Twitter, YouTube

Sabrina ~ Twitter, Tumblr

Christina ~ Twitter

And me of course but please try and contact a contributor first.

How will you know it’s been posted?

We will send out a tweet that will look like this

It will have The Originals Fandom: and then your title work: the last part will list the contributor who suggested it. When you click on the link it will take you to our site of course, where your work is posted and credit is given to you. Please be sure to name your work, give a social handle and credit if it is not your own.

Remember this is a fandom section so you will find all ships and content in this tag.

Hope you enjoy this section and have a lot of fun with. Please be sure to follow us on twitter to check out whats fresh and new with The Originals Fandom. Thanks!!!!


Hi...thank you for reading and checking out the site. My fascination with vampires and all things supernatural started at a young age. Reemerging with Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire" book and movie. I love TV maybe a little too much. Adore makeup and accessories. Sci-fi geek to my heart and I will never be ashamed to say I loved Star Wars before it was cool...still do. ~ Arcena P