The Originals: Best and Worst mid-season report card.


Going into The Originals I already had a list of what I think will work for the show and what may not. Some of my answers have changed, others not so much. Here is The Originals AAF’s list of best and worst so far in  season 1 of The Originals. 

1) All Time Favorite….still Klaus


This is no shocker. I don’t even know what it would take for me not to love Niklaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan). Behind all the bad choices, anger, tantrums and crying. He still tops my list. My allure to this character has always been his depth. I can see so much more and I’m sure we all do.  Going into this series I had no issues with how Klaus would be portrayed. The only problem I always had and still do is the baby plot. Which I still think is not the way to his redemption…but hey I don’t write the scripts. So there you go. It was a lot about Klaus these past episodes that did seem a little out of character, but I can’t really say it’s all out of character. Because none of these characters have ever been in this situation. So maybe he just didn’t react they way I thought old Klaus would. What I love is Joseph Morgan’s acting. He has been on fire since episode one. I’m looking forward to the next set of episodes to really see where this story will lead us.

2) Biggest let down…Rebekah


I love Rebekah Mikealson (Claire Holt) and wanted so much more for her. She came into TVD like a bat out of hell and I loved every minute she was on my screen. She is my favorite female on the show and I guess that’s why I’m a little let down. Seeing this wonderful character  taking care of Hayley.  Getting back into the same revolving door, always helping others but not herself. Really let me down. I wanted the Rebekah we saw at the end of TVD, knew how to have fun and independent. Which I know with all the issues in New Orleans you can’t be that carefree but they should let Rebekah play a little. The Marcel hook-up was hot but not what Rebekah needed at the time. She is the most neglected out of all the Mikaelson and I wanted this time to be about her reconnecting with her brothers. Getting past her issues with them, so should could find a love that was worthy of her. Let’s face it Rebekah has issues with love because of how she’s treated by her family. Which the season is not over yet, so there is still hope. I just hope they cut her a little more screen time for her character to develop.

3) Favorite new character…Josh


I want to thank the writer who thought of this character. Hopefully he will become a season regular, because I must have my Josh ( Steven Krueger) moments. This club-kid turned vampire has become my favorite new character. He really comes with a dose of reality being in a supernatural word, he kind of says what the audience is thinking. Guessing that comes from him being a newbie and all. So he’s still pretty close to his humanity. Thank you for that. Him and Davina are awesome together. I like the way they balance each other out. Hopefully we will get to see a lot of Josh in the future.

4) Favorite Scene…..Klaus’s confession

I had two more scenes up for this slot but going back and re-watching this scene grabbed my heart again. It’s not so much the delivery but the confession. How Klaus just let them know how he felt and how things were going to be from now on. This scene for me spoke volumes of how Rebekah and Elijah look at Klaus. It made me come to a conclusion about another person further down on this list.  Some thought this was about Hayley, boy were they wrong. This was all about Klaus and how his family will side with other’s to justify how they think it will help him. Since both have arrived in New Orleans it’s been all about Hayley and the baby. Did they really think about what he might be going through. A person that never really had a father becoming  a father stirs up a lot of emotion. Add the supernatural element to it and Klaus is going through some shit. I like that the writers gave him that speech to really let them know how he felt because no one had really asked him. Joseph Morgan was amazing in this scene. Sometimes I think he can’t get any better but he proves me wrong and I love him for that.

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5) Biggest Surprise…Father Kieran 


When I first learned of Father Kieran (Todd Stashwick), I was a little hesitate to really like the thought of the character. I guess because I was expecting a priest. Not really knowing how he would fit in with the cast and plot. Boy was I wrong. Which he is but one that been around to know a few things. I love his attitude and thinks he is a great asset for the human faction in the show. I love him and Klaus’s understanding and little talks. He is the only one at this point of the show. Giving the hybrid a dose of reality. I love that about him. So glad for this character.

6) Biggest Deception….Sophie  

Sinners and Saints

I never saw this coming. Sure I knew the Sophie (Daniella Pineda) was up to something and just didn’t stumble upon Hayley being pregnant. Also the fact that all the witches wanted was Marcel out of power. But I never knew it was this big and with so many skeletons. The Sophie and Marcel hook-up was hot. So this was my mouth dropped…I knew it was something off moment. When we found out about her past and what Davina really meant to the witches and why. Also gave me a new insight on Marcel.

7) Best back story revealed so far….Davina and Marcel


The reason this tops the list is because at first I thought Marcel (Charles M Davis)  just wanted Davina (Danielle Campbell) for her power. Later finding out his real reason for keeping her safe. When he revealed what he saw in her, which was what Klaus saw in him. I thought this was the best back story that has been fully revealed yet. Looking forward to seeing how their dynamic changes since Davina has fled and believes Marcel was a liar.

8) Most Hypocritical….Elijah


Don’t hate me but I have been on a roller coaster ride of feelings with Elijah (Daniel Gillies) this first half of the season.  I think Elijah has to understand at some point. In order to get Klaus to change you have to change a little too. This cycle of mistrust and falling for the “wrong girl”.  Affects his relationship with Klaus also. You can’t expect Klaus to change if he doesn’t see you change. So that is my stand point with Elijah at the moment. I still love him but I just want him to understand that the redemption he seeks for his brother has to start with breaking the endless cycle of repeats.

9) Story Line I wish they would toss….Cami

Girl in New Orleans

I just don’t understand where this character really fits yet. Cami (Leah Pipes) came in as a crush for Marcel. But when they revealed her back story I felt bad, then the mystery was solved pretty quickly. This show has tons of plots going on at the same time. So after Klaus confronted her and told her what had happen to Agnes, it was over for me. Which I know there has to be a reason they are keeping Cami around and just not for writing Klaus’s memoirs. She does make the top of my list for giving Klaus a little shit. I like their scenes together but still need to know more in order to really like how she fits with the story line. From the previews of ‘The Casket Girls’ it seems it could get a lot more interesting for Cami.

10) Most Changed from TVD….Hayley


This is not in a good way by far. First off I never understood why she became part of the plot until the big reveal. To say I expected more from Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is a whole different story. I like to call this writers remorse. I feel like they created a character on one show and then totally changed her for a cross over. The Originals do have some that watch it and don’t watch TVD. But let’s be real. There is enough on Twitter and YouTube for any new viewer to get a taste of what these characters where like before. I don’t blame Phoebe at all, she is just working with what she has been given. What the writers did with Hayley was horrible sure ,she’s had a hard life but all the characters have. So I don’t need to hear every episode how she was abandoned. Sorry folks I really don’t care about her background. If she came into this series as the same deceitful, backstabber she was on TVD. Kicking ass more than once  to keep her baby safe. Cause being in danger every episode gets old. Maybe I would feel different.  I hope moving forward they let the real Hayley come forward. Changing the character did not make everyone feel better about Hayley. I could see a little in her confronting Davina and Josh. So there is hope but if all else fails. I would not be sad if she had the baby and ran off with her family.

So rounding up I think this series is off to a great start. Every show changes after the first couple of episodes. So here’s to hoping they will take the good elements and focus on those more and remove the bad. This show has the potential to get well over the viewers it does. The actors are amazing and the writers do throw me loop. So I’m on board. What are you thoughts on the best and worst so far for The Originals? Let us know below. (B+)

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