The Originals “Bloodletting’ Review: Wake Up Call


The more this show gets into  it’s plot, the more I fall in love with it. Hopefully it will continue this way. Tonight episode is the wake up call for The Mikaelsons. Everything is laid out in the open as Tyler comes in to shake things up and prove he is no longer ‘Klaus’s little bitch’. Job well done Tyler because you did not just shake things up. He shut them down. Turning Klaus back to his paranoia state by the end.

Marcel’s fight night


Marcel know’s how to shake things up. This episode starts with a fight between vampires to see who will get to the inner circle. Of course it is cut short by the arrival of Elijah and Klaus requesting Hayley. As Marcel begins to go into his story, we see the hurt he still carries from being a slave. Describing how he stumble upon  the werewolf. After admitting he meet her but did not take her. Klaus and Elijah make threats as Marcel leaves them guessing as to who. Has taken Hayley. He offers them help from Sabine who uses a locater spell, sending them to the bayous.

Hayley’s Reality Check

We got to meet the Hayley the TVD’ers know. Not only did she try to manipulate Tyler into letting her go, she also said he was a backstabber and half-breed. Really? As she comes to in the truck realizing she has been taken and in danger yet again. Tyler reveals himself as she kicks her way out. Proving she never really gave a damn about him in the first place. As they approach an old shed by the river, deep in the bayou. Hayley begins to ask questions which Tyler does not mind answering. She explains what has happen since the last time they saw each other and Tyler slaps her with a reality check. This fantasy of you and the Mikaelsons’ raising hybrid baby are a pipe dream. Tyler informs her that the baby will give Klaus all the power he needs to make a hybrid army. He also introduces her to her remaining family. Letting her know she is some type of royalty to this area of werewolves. So as he finishes explaining one of her peps appears and helps Tyler tie her up.

Later as he finishes destroying her fairytale, he lets her know that was all Klaus wanted her for. A means to an end, and once that baby is out of her. She is no longer needed. Which I’m glad someone told her that. All this one big happy family stuff was getting on my nerves. Let’s face it….from day one we all knew Klaus’s plan for this child and Hayley has never been in that picture. Thank goodness for Elijah because he is the only one that cares about her outcome. As Tyler test out his theory he injects Hayley with a needle to her belly. She was pleading for her life but that did not stop Tyler.


post-20343-zooey-deschanel-no-gif-new-gir-EdK1Brother Bonding Time

As Klaus and Elijah talk. The real reason Klaus is jealous comes into play. He senses Elijah cares for Hayley as they find Tyler’s truck. As soon as the scent hit Klaus, he knew who it was. Elijah ask him to give him details on Tyler’s intent and why he would want to hurt Hayley. As the back story plays out and Elijah slaps Klaus on the hands for his wrong doings. We get the first mention of Caroline but not really how Klaus feels about her. But Klaus does notice Elijah as he talks about protecting Hayley and the baby. Calling his brother out again, only to inform him that it’s okay to have her, he has already sampled the goods. Have at it. Way to put a girl down Klaus…..




chloe-moretz-confused-gifThis whole time between Rebekah and Marcel was very sweet but it left me confused. I thought he was head over heels in love with Cami. Also that last week was just a fling. Marcel confesses his love to Rebekah in the old ruins of their home and why he did not come looking for her. She also told him they can not kill an Originals, for the lines dies with them. Marcel makes up a plan to stop Klaus, and offers Rebekah a deal. But I’m still confused……it seems Marcel is all about freeing himself and her if she’s up to it.



Back to Reality Check

As the now new hybrid awakes. Tyler tries to get him under control only to find out there’s a hitch in these new hybrids. Hayley can command them too. But I’m guessing that is because of the baby. Man if this baby does make it, Klaus is gonna have some competition. As she later breaks loose to find Elijah in the woods. They embrace as she tells him about the baby’s new tricks. Check two, when she’s done. Elijah did not stand up for Klaus at all. It shows he kind of knew how this baby deal could go with Klaus. Hints to why he wanted to protect her and the baby so much. Hayley takes a stand and says she can survive on her own. Hopefully at least for another episode before she is in trouble again.

tumblr_mw6rkfOXYL1qltniyo3_1280Hybrid Showdown

We know how this is gonna play out so I will spear you all the details. They fought hard and threw jabs at each other. But my shipper heart sang to winds. When Klaus got upset about Caroline forever hating him. That’s the spark we have been waiting for. Just a mention into Klaus actually having a heart and not pity. Sorry guys I like Cami but that whole bonding thing seemed more of ‘I’m sorry …I kinda know how you feel moment.’ As Klaus realizes Tyler is a man not afraid to die he lets him leave. Compelling Tyler to leave and know he is nothing to Klaus.”

Same old Song

The episode ends with Klaus finding Hayley and Elijah. As his brother rips into him, Klaus feels let down. But not by Hayley more by his brother.  As Elijah tells him his so called plan to make more hybrids and not really care about his child. Klaus tells him we all have roles to play. I will play mine. Klaus also jabs that it is Hayley who thinks so little of him and has turned his brother against him. The noble Elijah is always right and he is always wrong. Giving us a glimpse  a thousand years of standing in Elijah’s shadow. But our Klaus leaves the two with a parting gift as he bites Elijah and stares Hayley down. Not long after that another piece of Hayley’s history is left on the door step.

As Klaus drowns his sorrows, Rebekah arrives. He informs her of todays events and what he did, only to call her out for what she did. Leaving her no choice but to help him get rid of Marcel or go against her brother.

Having Tyler come back in the end and spill the beans to Marcel was genius, Tyler is getting so many villain points right now. Klaus would be proud if it were not against him.

Overall the episode was awesome, I liked it a lot better than last weeks. Glad the fairy tale is over for Hayley and she knows what she is up against. Finally accepting the fact that she needs to go to plan B. I like the save my people thing they are doing with her. Can’t wait to find out more about her now since we know her true name is “Andrea”. Hoping that Elijah puts Klaus first after he realizes this is a never-ending cycle with him and whats to change it.  But also remember Klaus will be Klaus so I think that road will be a little scratchy.  It is time for Klaus to pay the piper a bit, but I think they have awoken an old part of him they may not want. What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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