The Originals Fandom: The Camille Factor.

There’s been a lot of buzz in the fandom as of late concerning Cami and Klaus’s relationship. Over the past few weeks I’ve asked you to send in what you think of Camille. One thing The Originals has struggled with since the departure of Claire Holt, is a strong female lead. Let me also throw in, one that is relatable and well liked by the audience. That has not been the case for our show. Hayley receives a lot of dislike along with Camille. So what is it about this character that rubs the audience the wrong way. Many blame the shipper wars. Including the Klaroline and Klayley fans, but I see something deeper.

Many shows are taking on strong female leads, ones that over shadow even the male characters. I feel females are attracted to that in this age of television. You have shows like Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder, Orphan Black and many others. What pulls the large female audience to this show is the strong-willed female at the fore front. When The Originals premiered Rebekah filled that role. She was strong, stubborn and flawed in a beautiful way. She wanted everything and speaking for myself. I could relate to her inner turmoil. After she left, it did cause a void in the show. Having Rebekah boss around Klaus and Elijah and really give it to them was highly missed. As with any show the writers pulled the remaining females co-stars to the front. The result has not been favorable for the female cast of The Originals.

The Originals Fandom: The Camille Factor.With Camille the problem seems to deal with her relationship with Klaus and side story lines. Cami is presented to us in the backdoor pilot of The Originals. You can tell she is smart, sassy and a little flawed. My first impression–I could like this character if she is written correctly. As the show moves forward we see a little of her darkness and turmoil. By the end of the first season Cami is in the heat of The Originals’ family struggle with no development on her own. But I was not really turned off by this because all shows need growth and usually the characters grow into their own by season 2.

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Season 2 opens with us not setting eyes on Camille until a couple of episodes in. Where her and Klaus share an intimate scene. Now moving forward, Klaus has to protect Cami and they will grow closer down the line. Basically turning into a slow-burn kind of thing.  So I can see why people love this and hate this. I wanted Cami to give Klaus a little hell and one aspect that I don’t like about that relationship is her enabling him. Sure we all know Klaus has family problems, but Klaus has done a LOT of stuff outside of his family problems. Stuff that would leave one to question if all should be forgiven so quickly. Klaus did a lot to Cami in the first season and that has not been addressed by her on a stronger level to my liking. I also would like for the writers to acknowledge the growth of Klaus’s character not based on Cami. Any one that has seen TVD knows of a certain blonde that paved the way for Klaus’s soft spot and him opening up to others.  Aspects I do like, is her being there for Klaus. He needs that but at the same time he needs someone to kick him in his ass and not blame his problems on his family. I would’ve loved to see Camille sitting at the fore front of the human faction and trying to further her family legacy. That would have been the strong-willed female people where hoping for. Good thing is it’s not to late for the writers to give Cami her own storyline not connected to Klaus.

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Klaus-and-Camille-the-originals-tv-show-35847810-1280-720A recurring theme around the both fandoms is female characters being more than a love interest. For the most part we all want a little romance but everyone can agree that can come later. We want kick-ass females period. No matter who you ship or don’t, The Originals have the perfect groundwork for any character to become a strong female and find love along the way. One of the things I love about television is what each person sees and judging from the comments below. Some like it and some don’t but either way Cami seems to be a fixture on the show and I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers deal with her development moving forward.


They really messed up with writing her character. The way they write her on the show is awful. She’s just love interest. She has no depth or real purpose beyond that. I also don’t care about her or just find her completely irrelevant in general. I feel they force her into the storyline where it doesn’t even make sense for her to be there and it actually hurts the show and makes the main characters do ooc things that makes the main character unlikeable. Klaus crying all last season with her (in front of a human?), not killing Mikael? giving her the white oak? sorry, but that was bullshit, and i don’t care what anyone wants to say but that was bullshit and i hated it.

I don’t understand why the show doesn’t just flesh her out and actually give her a purpose other than obsessing over Klaus. 

Leah’s a good actress, but the way the show writes her character is horrendous. TO writers need to do better or just kill her off cause she’s not helping the show in any way.



[quote_center]”I don’t know. I think she’s just sort of there. She doesn’t really seem to do much. I like her scenes with Finn however.”[/quote_center]

[quote_box_center]I love Cami. I think that she’s brave and strong and that she stands up for her friends and family and that makes her a hero. She isn’t afraid of the vampires when it comes to protecting the people she cares about.[/quote_box_center]

The Originals Spoilers: Why is Camille Team Davina?[pull_quote_right]I absolutely adore Cami! She is such a strong women that stands up for what she believes in, who protects her friends with her life and who is truly the heart of New Orleans![/pull_quote_right]


“I don’t like her, but I don’t hate her. In my opinion, hers development hasn’t been natural, she tries to be the replacement of other characters both TVD and The Originals. And isn’t because Leah, I just think that writers try too hard because we like her. However, I’ll wait how her story develops in the second half of the season.”

[pull_quote_center]I love Cami, she is my fav. I think she really wants to help as much as she can and sometimes I’ve been afraid she can get killed. I really like her bond with Klaus, so if she ends up with him, it would be fine. What I don’t know if Klaus would ever let himself be with her because he is so afraid of her getting hurt. It’s complicated, but I totally love the thought of these two. About her as an individual, I like how she has accepted this new life and she has been trying to figure out how stay alive and still being herself. She is awesome.[/pull_quote_center]

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Thank you to everyone that sent in there thoughts on this discussion. Big hug and loves to you all. 

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