The Originals: Five Spoilers for ‘Sinners and Saints’


The Originals episode tonight promises us a back story on Sophie and Davina but check what else we’re in store for.

BXiZydNCIAA-ZaIElijah and Davina Bond

Elijah’s awake and he uses his time in the attic with Davina to forge a bond with her. His friendly and trustworthy demeanor wins Davina over and she doesn’t hold back. She reveals the truth about how she ended up in the attic and why she stays with Marcel.

Davina’s Strength
The tragic circumstances that led Davina to turn on the witches and end up in the attic provide insight into her powers and why Marcel wants to keep her on his side at any cost. She’s a valuable asset for both offensive and defensive reasons.
Cami’s Brother
Last week, Cami confided in Klaus about her brother’s tragic actions and death. That was only a portion of the tale. The truth about what happened and why is known and comes out. The familial connection expands beyond the two siblings.
There is No Honesty
Secret motivations and manipulations rule the day in New Orleans. Only a handful of episodes in and it’s becoming crystal clear that no one should take anyone else’s word at face value.
Chemistry … Oh my!
Two characters share screen time and their chemistry oozes off the screen. It’s a little bit surprising and would be an unorthodox pairing., but at the same time it makes perfect sense. Just when you think…. Sizzle! That’s all I’ll say.


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