The Originals: Julie Plec Dishes on Klaus’s Powerful Feelings For Caroline


Ever since the premiere of The Originals, one question has been asked over and over again. When or if Caroline Forbes [Candice Accola] will crossover to the show. To the point that some fans that don’t ship these two are sick of hearing, but lets face it guys he did make an declaration of love to our girl. Julie Plec explains it the best she can….

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At what point are you going to address the romantic relationship between Caroline and Klaus? They appear on two different shows now, so does that mean they can’t be together?

In the very beginning, Caroline is like a ghost in Klaus’ psyche. She may or may not get mentioned right away because ultimately he’s not thinking about love. He’s not thinking about romance, he’s thinking about revenge. He’s thinking about taking down Marcel and he’s a little distracted by the whole baby scenario, too. However, we will get to see her again and it’s sooner rather than later. If logistics don’t facilitate that, then we will certainly let him work through it in the narrative of the show because he had a powerful, powerful feeling for her and we’re not going to pretend like it never happened.


I understand and agree with Julie on this one. The Originals will be a great show and the timing is off now for Klaus’s last love to make an appearance  so soon. Giving the fact that Klaus [Joseph Morgan] is in a war and he’s not gonna what so many weakness expose at the moment. He has his family, Hayley and the unborn child, so Caroline would just give Marcel an even bigger arsenal against our Hybrid.

Caroline -vs- Hayley

A lot of other relationships cross over between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. How are you going to tackle them?

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As writers on the show, we have plans for Matt, Rebekah, Caroline and Klaus. In a perfect world, we’ve even got plans for Catherine and Elijah. We want to revisit these pairings, but we haven’t got to that section of the story yet to know if they will fit in or not. When we find out, that’s when we will make the phone call, “Oh, do you want to do this? But we can only pay you that, and it’s going to mean you working eight days in a row.” That’s when it becomes out of our hands and it becomes their choice. We’ll have to see what happens.



Girl in New Orleans
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I agree that would step up their time in Atlanta and on set, but lets hope it can all work out for the better. I for one would love to see my favorite from The Vampire Diaries visit our Hybrid.  The spark and connection was just unreal with these two. But I don’t mind him getting friendly with Cami until then, she reminds me a lot in some ways of Caroline and I think that’s what Klaus sees in her two. I like what she can give him at this point in the show, by keeping him in touch with his humanity. After all Caroline is the one who brought that out.

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