The Originals: Klaus and Cami Shed Tears and More Teases From This Tuesday’s Episode

651 got an early look at this week’s ‘Originals,’ and we’ve got five major scoops for you to chew on until it all goes down Tuesday night.

Girl in New Orleans[stextbox id=”grey”]

1. Cami’s Demons: I often refer to Cami (Leah Pipes) as The Originals‘ “token human,” and she still totally is, but there’s a lot more to the bartender than meets the eye. This week’s episode reveals quite a bit about Cami’s history, including the reason she came to New Orleans in the first place — and it’s not pretty.

2. Major Elijah Fix: Viewers who miss seeing Elijah (Daniel Gillies) standing in an up-right position — and seriously, who doesn’t? — will definitely enjoy this week’s flashback scene.

3. Don’t Mess With Davina: The littlest witch in New Orleans (Danielle Campbell) shows Klaus (Joseph Morgan) what she’s really made of.

4. Old Flames: Fans of Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Marcel’s (Charles Michael Davis) will-they-won’t-they (again) relationship will have a lot more to discuss after this episode.

5. Klaumi? Still, the most intense scene of the episode is shared by Cami and Klaus. Tears are shed, and while I’m not saying anything overtly romantic goes down, I am saying it’s probably good that Marcel wasn’t around to witness their exchange.


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