The Originals’ Klaus loves his blondes but is there a difference.  

I know there has been a lot of talk about The Originals Camille (Leah Pipes) being Caroline (Candice Accola) 2.0. At first when the series aired I could see the superficial similarities of the two, but still did not think she was a Caroline replacement. After viewing ‘An Unblinking Death’ and thinking back to most of Klaus and Camille’s dialogue. I started to see what some fans and critics have hinted at all along. In this recent episode of The Originals, Cami loses her uncle Father K, and we all know Caroline suffered a great lost in TVD’s Season 3. Her father, Bill. Both men were in transition, Bill making the choice to die, and Father K having no other option because he was trying to kill Cami.  Parallels are evident in both these events but still different. Then Leap Pipes (Camille) gave an interview that made me think that her character’s relationship is very much the same and seems to be heading down the path of a love triangle.

JustJaredJr: Hi Leah! So Klaus seemed pretty jealous when he found out about Cami and Marcel’s relationship. They also had that amazing scene at the end when he apologized to her about not being able to save her uncle. What does Cami make of Klaus’ feelings toward her?

Leah Pipes: I think she sees a lot of good in him and I think she’s aware that he shows that vulnerable side of himself to her. He doesn’t show that to most people and maybe no one else. But I think she’s aware that he doesn’t’ care for people in the conventional way or even a healthy way. She’s aware of how damaged he is, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to see him do better, and feel, and grow, and be happy.

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Then at the end of last night’s episode where Klaus informs Marcel he is free to come back to the city for Father K’s funeral and that Camille asked for him in her state of confusion. We know Tyler was exiled for a long time by Klaus, whom Caroline asked at every given moment for him to come back. We know that he eventually let that happen along with the greatest line in television history. So are the writers revamping Caroline and Klaus’ love story for The Originals fans? We’ve been told Caroline is an essential part of TVD and can not cross over into The Originals. Plus, Julie Plec has commented that Klaus and Caroline’s story has come to an end. But if that is the case why revamp or reemerge this relationship in TO’s universe.  And will this go over well with the critics who have watched both shows or the fans that still have hope for Klaus and Caroline. Now looking at both women. They are built the same way:

  • Both draw out Klaus’ humanity
  • Both are strong willed and fight
  • Both have suffered great losses due to Supernaturals
  • Klaus cares deeply what both think of him
  • Klaus has exiled both of their lovers at some point
  • Klaus has a relationship with both their lovers (Marcel and Tyler)
  • Klaus has showed kindness towards both women
  • Both women have had strong feelings about how he handles things
  • Both are not afraid to tell him he is wrong
  • He has not been their favorite person at some point
  • He has disappointed both at some point

Fans that may not know the power of Klaroline (Klaus and Caroline) will love the pairing of Klamille (Klaus and Camille). Or even fans that love Klaroline will start to like Klamille, but will the magic that struck with Klaus and Caroline shine on this new pairing? Only time will tell, but facts sure don’t lie. Social Media is still a buzz with ‘The Original Pairing’ Klaroline.

The Originals: Is Klaus' Relationship  With Camille Really That Different From Caroline.

Going into season 2 of the Originals maybe more fans will give Klaus and Camille a chance. What do you think? Is Klaus and Camille really the new Klaus and Caroline story?



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