The Originals | Love Triangles, New Villains but Still Wanting Klaroline.


The Originals | Love Triangles, New Villains but Still Wanting Klaroline.

Same time, Same place as last year fang fans. Here we are with so many new spoilers and all I still see in the media…When will Caroline Forbes come to New Orleans. The same question that has followed Julie Plec and Co. since the shows creation. I think what new fans The Originals have to understand about and those who don’t understand why we’re obsessed with Caroline. Is for many of us Klaus and Caroline’s interaction was when we started to see into his dark soul. Klaus opened up to Caroline from the start. He always believed there was much more to Caroline, than anyone thought. So it kind of opened up both characters growth. Showing us Klaus’ layers and Caroline strength.


Klaus has called them “endgame” since the start. Remember the twenties dance and Klaus’ famous alpha line. Well, he said a lot more to Caroline that night. Already letting her know they are meant to be.

The Originals | Love Triangles, New Villains but Still Wanting Klaroline.


He always saw Caroline for who she was from the start. And eventually Caroline saw the good in Klaus too.




Caroline gave Klaus hope long before Elijah….



Klaus called her when he needed help and Caroline started to trust Klaus when she needed help. Also the biggest indication to me and why everyone is still screaming for Klaus and Caroline. She finally admitted her feelings for Klaus. A lot of people mistake that scene for Caroline rejecting Klaus but no. She was coming to terms with her feelings in that moment. What she has always felt and wanted to say. Her fear was finally coming true. Caroline had fallen in love with Klaus.


And last but not least this:


Now…I know with given spoilers, there is a hint of Hayley and Klaus getting closer. Also him and Cami reaching new levels in their relationship. And I don’t disagree with the evolution of Klaus doing that. But I can say what the show could use and need is a little Klaroline.


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