The Originals Review: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire 2×10

[pull_quote_center]”The strongest foundations are built on the decency of merciful lies” – Klaus [/pull_quote_center]

The Originals come back tonight after what seems like ages.  So the anticipation level is really high but this episode really dragged for me. The overall episode was good but there were spots of a lot of drag.

Quick summary: The Originals are trapped in tonight’s episode. Rebekah in a weird house/ asylum for dead witches. Klaus, Hayley, Marcel and the remaining cast at The Mikaelson place. As Davina helps Kol, followed by Klaus finding out his dirty little secret. Meanwhile…Cami and Elijah play board games and drink.  While Jackson just breaks your heart the entire night. Ending with Finn slowly turning into Norman Bates. 


What you need to know:

  • Elijah is still having flashbacks to his weird visions of Tatia/Hayley and what he did to her. Leaving him very OCDish and broken.
  • Cami meets Hope but Klaus does inform her that once it is safe. She will have to forget about meeting Hope.
  • Marcel’s Backkkk!!! or somewhat as him and Hayley try to unite the Vampires and Werewolves.
  • Kol has sent Rebekah to a weird house/asylum. Where she meets Cassie and a new breed of witches “The Kindred.”
  • Klaus and Elijah are desperate to find Rebekah. While Hayley hides secrets from Jackson.
  • Finn rocks the really he does and traps the Vampires and Werewolves. While later doing a spell to make the vamps extra hungry.
  • Finn finds his mother and is disappointed in what he finds. Putting Esther in possibly a deep sleep. B7wgw4KCEAA7GexSame thing he did with Mikael very early in the episode.
  • Davina helps Kol take down the spell for a short period of time. Freeing the werewolves but Klaus drags him back in with the hunger vamps. After he finds out there’s foul play with Rebekah.
  • Hayley and Jackson share another heart to heart. As he confesses his love for her and gives her a ring for marriage. After he gets mad with her Elijah confession.
  • Rebekah tries to free herself from the house, while getting haunted by a ghost. Which is revealed to be Freya.

Overall:  This episode dragged a lot. The scenes they could have done without Hayley and Jackson. Also trim back Cami and Elijah. The best storyline of the night goes to Rebekah. I was hooked and wanted to know more about this place and this ghost. Jackson had me pretty confused because I was under the impression that he was aware of Hayley’s situation when it came to Elijah. Maybe his emotions got the best of him but for me Hayley was honest. Also she did not have to tell him anything to begin with. So I think for me after his outburst and “man tude.” I was a little over Jackson. He did break my heart with his confession but really. Hayley is in a complicated situation to say the least and his confession, his love and pushing this wedding is leading me to suspect somethings up with this bonding thing. Cami and Elijah scenes gave a lot of chemistry which I like but it was too long for nothing to really be accomplished. Klaus played big brother tonight and it was great to see him back in that role without having to worry about Hope. It’s a hard call for me on this episode.

Best reveal and Storyline set up: It’s revealed slowly towards the end of the episode that the ghost in question is another Mikaelson. Freya!!!

The Originals Review: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire 2x10


Tune in next week for The Originals Episode 2×11 “Brotherhood of the Damned”


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