The Originals Roadmap: The Truth About Klaus, Caroline, Tyler and Hayley.


I know there is a lot of buzz going on about the upcoming TVD 100th episode. That includes.. Klaus and Caroline stills. I thought to myself a lot of people who watch The Originals and have not watched The Vampire Diaries may not really know what all the fuss is about. Thank goodness for YouTube as I was lucky enough to stumble upon a great video with all Klaus and Caroline’s scenes from TVD. I will also include Klaus’ first meeting with Hayley and the now infamous hook-up. Including a bit of history there. Please remember this is not aimed to make changes to anyone’s views. Just thought the truth should be revealed since we are having the first crossover for an Original coming back to TVD.


To me Caroline is still a big part of Klaus’ life and stays on his mind. I do know the hybrid will never admit to anyone in New Orleans with so many threats happening down there. Caring about someone has always been a weakness in Klaus’ eyes. But it has been confirmed by stills and previews that Klaus will go back to Mystic Falls for TVD’s 100th episode and have an encounter with Caroline. Now…Julie Plec loves to compare these two to Angel and Buffy.  Not saying anything will come from this or that Klaus and Caroline will be endgame. Since we know how the writers love to stir the pot. I do think Caroline is Klaus’ prototype. I think that is why Klaus is intrigued by Cami. How she speaks to him and deals with him. Reminds me a lot of how Caroline deals with him. Check out what Joseph says about Klaus and Cami.

Klaroline Still TVD 100
Recent still of Klaus returning to Mystic Falls and seeing Caroline. This is from TVD’s 100th episode promo. Airing January 23rd.

After watching the last part of this video you will understand why Klaus and Caroline are still in polls and why the producers and actors have hinted to crossovers. This relationship is far from over. I don’t think Caroline is coming to New Orleans anytime soon. I like to think the writers will finish up the baby plot first.

That brings us to Hayley and how her and Klaus first meet. So thanks to YouTube again you can watch their earlier scenes and understand the issues between them now in The Originals. This is how it started.

After this scene you see that Klaus initially thought Tyler, which we got a little back history on him. Since crossing over to The Originals. Had cheating on Caroline with Hayley. Now we will go into what was really going on between the two that Klaus did not know about.

Up next is the segment when Hayley betrays Tyler and tells Klaus about a plot against him for information on her family. Sound familiar…

After this we no longer see Hayley until she calls Klaus with information on Katherine and they have their one-night stand together. Take a look…

And then the shock heard around the world……

See what Joseph Morgan has to say about Klaroline!!!

So that brings us up to speed on The Originals and why everyone was so amped for Tyler to show up and confront Klaus.

So there you have folks the truth. I did this so people who have not watched TVD can have a clear understanding of the complicated relationship of Klaus,Tyler, Hayley and Caroline. I think the writers should have elaborated more. But I do understand they want The Originals to stand on its on first. I get that but it they would have done maybe a couple of flashbacks that would’ve helped new viewers understand. That is the reason why they cut this scene out from The Originals episode one. Which I feel was still a bad move on their part.

See what Julie Plec has to say on Klaroline!!!

I see a lot of stuff on Twitter and Tumblr about The Originals going back and why. How Caroline should not come over and their on different shows. A lot about Klaus and Hayley being together and Cami being a replacement for Caroline. If I didn’t watch TVD I would be confused too. Plus…how everything is fan service.  So here is my take…..

Klaus cares deeply for Caroline, you have remember that in between his hook up with Hayley. Klaus was still courting Caroline pretty hard. Running Tyler away and telling her it was “all for you.” So I want  to see more of that relationship. I do think Klaus needs a better understanding with Hayley. Since they will share a child. Who’s to say the writers won’t go further with Klaus and Hayley. But…Who’s to say they won’t give Klaus and Caroline a chance first. Cami keeps Klaus connected to his humanity a bit, even if they are at odds now. If you look back at Klaus and Caroline scenes that’s what she did too. So who’s to say that will never happen.  Shows have plenty of seasons and we all very well may get to see him with all three. We have no idea what the writers have in store. The Originals spin-off never would’ve happen without TVD. So crossovers don’t surprise me one bit. Everything is fan service in my view, if you want to keep people watching your show. The writers knew what they were doing before we did. So I don’t listen to fan service rants.

See what all of the fuss was about before the series took off!!!

I love complicated relationships; Klaus and Caroline seem to be headed right in that direction. But this is TV drama at it’s best. It’s also why we love it…. So people are still gonna ship who they want and that’s their decision but the truth is the truth. I just wanted to wrap it up in a nice package for new viewers to The Originals. Hope you enjoy it…because Twitter is going to be exploding in the next week. Just wanted to give you a better map.

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