The Originals Speculation: Will Cami Become a Vampire?


With new changes fast approaching on The Originals. Julie Plec revealed Cami’s role in the next half of the season. Will Cami ever become a vampire? If so will that move her closer to having a relationship with Klaus. Julie has also stated that there is no romance in the cards for the hybrid. But some fans seem to differ on that view-point. Especially since Plec has ended Klaroline “for now.”

The most intriguing detail to us came when asked about Cami’s role in the show. When reporters Tangled up in Bluecompared Cami’s character to that of Matt’s on The Vampire Diaries, as the human to ground the show, Plec hinted that Cami may have an opportunity to join the ranks of the supernatural before too long.

“We’re setting up Cami to be, in her own way, offered a place at the table and whether she takes it or not will be up to her.” She then goes on to talk about how Cami’s schooling and knowledge of how the brain works would make her an interesting candidate for the vampire life, and whether or not she would choose that life for herself.

Source: Hypable


Many think they could see Cami taking that lead in the event that her uncle, Father Kiran dies. He had a hex placed on him last episode and is still in need of help. So I could really see Cami stepping up to the duty of head of the human faction. But with hints of the blonde soon having the choice to join the supernatural, Cami could soon be a vampire herself. If romance is in the cards for Cami between Marcel or Klaus, the later seems like a better choice. So what do you think? Will Cami make a good vampire? Or does she need to stay human and become The Originals version of TVD Matt?


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