The Originals Spoilers: Why is Camille Team Davina?


Why is Camille Team Davina?

Klaus and Camille seem to be on steady ground after last weeks episode of The Originals “An Unblinking Death.” While spoilers for the upcoming episodes of The Originals have the two at odds once more. Now, we know that when the witches tried to threaten Camille before she sided with Klaus. Letting him know about the magical Papa Tunda blade and giving it to him. What has changed since?  Klaus showed kindness towards Camille and choose her over Hayley and the baby in the last episode. Opting to stay by her side and in the end letting Marcel come back to comfort her.

Is Klaus and Camille, really that different from Caroline and Klaus?

What secret is hidden by the key Father Kiran held, which is now in the possession of Marcel?  We know more than just Camille is interested in this secret.  So while Klaus and Elijah attempt to save Hayley does Camille find out something more after deciphering this code? Does that lead her down the path of siding with Davina and the witches for the finale. Leaving her to stand against Marcel and Klaus. Both of whom she has a complicated relationship.

Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Cami (Leah Pipes) join resources to take down Klaus. Finally, in a desperate move to protect those most important to him, Klaus makes a heartbreaking decision. –Synopsis 1×22

So what could turn Camille over to team witch? It may be our girl is smart to side with the leading faction. We know her and Davina have a friendship and she has helped her before.  Or the code may unlock some information about Klaus and the vampires that may put the humans at risk. Also could the leading cause be the birth of the hybrid baby. Who knows…but one thing is for sure. Klaus and Camille have a complicated relationship. It will be fun to watch where the chips will fall for these two during the season finale.

Don’t Miss the season finale of The Originals….“From a Cradle to A Grave” May 12th on The CW, starting at 8pm. 

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