The Originals Spoilers: We Will See Klaus and Hayley’s Baby Soon.


With all the backstabbing and killing going on in The Originals. Some may have forgotten how all this got started. A baby, the result of Klaus and Hayley’s liquor fueled one-night stand. What Elijah thinks will be his brother’s redemption and what some fans seem to want to forget. But according to executive producer Julie Plec, we will see the little bundle of joy this season. I mean they can’t draw out this plot for so long. Julie did not confirm how many episodes yet until the baby but my guess is closer to the season finale. Hopefully this story will continue, The CW has not announced  a season 2 for The Originals yet. But most suspect they will get one. This magical miracle baby has been a mystery for me and I have not been the greatest supporter of this plot. I also have a theory that this baby may not bring what most fans are expecting. Julie did say that the baby will be a power pawn mid-last year.

“I would say the second half of the season is the consequences of having… f—ed with the harvest in the first place — the revenge as enacted by these witches, the disintegration of the Original family as a result, and the rebuilding of both the family and the city in the fallout once the fallout from the witches and the dust settles from that. And of course, there’s a baby coming.”

My theory may not be popular or liked but I don’t think we will be seeing this baby all that much or at all. As the show continues, if they are looking for longevity in the show. Having a lost or separation could cause great drama for our characters but that is what people will tune into every week to see. Want to hear more about my baby theory have a listen to my chat with @Sleepyaddicts on how this may play out for The Originals. One thing is for sure now that it has been confirmed that the baby is werewolf/vampire/witch, I’m quite curious to see how this will turn out.

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