The Originals Spoilers: Will Tyler Get Out Of The Garden?


The Originals “Bloodletting” episode Rebekah and Marcel threw Tyler into the garden, everyone has been asking when and if he will get free. If he does will he still be a threat to Klaus? TV line reported earlier today a little spoiler to answer our question.

Question: Originals scoop, please? —Mary
Ausiello: Wondering what’s happening with Tyler in Marcel’s “prison”? Answers — and a possible way out for the hybrid — are coming. “We’re definitely going to see what’s going on in the garden,” previews exec producer Michael Narducci. “Tyler is not the only one who’s buried in there. … When we come back in the New Year, you’re going to see Rebekah have some perspective on what that location is, and how she might be able to use that to her advantage.” As for the future of the locked-up Mystic Falls resident, Narducci hints that “my friends at the Vampire Diaries office would really very much love to see Michael Trevino make a return. It stands to reason, logically, that somehow we’re going to address the issue of how does Tyler get out of that garden.”

Source: TV Line

Well with TVD’s 100th episode coming up and everyone speculating who Klaus will bring with him to Mystic Falls. Maybe Tyler? If not and Tyler returns later should Klaus be concerned. If he does return to Mystic Falls will he let the gang in on Klaus and Hayley’s bundle of joy or not.  It would be a good twist to just have a small conversation in Mystic Falls about how the gang feels about the hybrid being a father. One person that comes to mind is Caroline, could Tyler use this information to hurt Klaus and Caroline’s “friendship.” After all Caroline may be upset with Tyler but we still don’t know how  vampire barbie really feels about Klaus.

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