The Originals: Top 5 Reasons Fans Feel Disappointed.


I’ve gotten a lot of emails and questions about the state of The Originals. Most of it is disappointment with the way show is going. Before I get into this article let me explain. I understand as a writer you write what you feel. What you think is best for the characters. But when do you really start to listen to your audience. When you have a fan base that feels as though they have were lied too and let down. Can your show really succeed or is it set for failure. Julia Plec had a lot of questions and concerns over this show before The Originals aired. Julie Plec had a vision but has the show lived up to the hype?

1) Fans want more Originals in The Originals.  This actually trended last week after the departure of Claire Holt as a series regular. She plays Rebekah whom we know is an Original. Going into this show half of the family was killed off. So unless there is another loophole we can only see the rest of the Mikaelson Clan in flashbacks. Still unclear on the reason why Rebekah was written off or if Claire herself chose to leave, one thing is certain fans did not like this one bit. It really gave a wake up call for The Originals fan base and if this show can survive.

2) Klaus and Hayley have a child together but watching the show you would think it was Elijah’s.  Most fans are don’t understand why they have no screen time. This was the most talked about issue with The Originals plot in the first place. A hybrid baby…..some still can not see Klaus as a father and the show really is not giving us any hope. Hayley whose life was in danger during the first half of the season. Seems to wonder where she wants and has taken up residence with her wolf clan in the bayou. We only have a few Klaus and Hayley scenes and it’s close to the end of season 1. We know the love triangle is between Elijah and Jackson when it comes to Hayley. But what about her and Klaus having real conversations about this child and what the future will hold for both of them.

3) The Originals don’t have the presence they had in TVD. People feared this family and respected them in the same breath. But in New Orleans that’s a different story. If feels no one respects the first vampires and does not have a problem showing it. The witches have played them puppets and the vampires and werewolves don’t hold them in high regards either. The family we meet on TVD where regal, royal and demanded respect. Regardless of what was happening around them.

4) Characters that don’t really have a strong plot. This could be a couple of characters on the show. I love Davina but now that she’s back how will she play into the story. Camille I don’t mind as much but she only interacts with Klaus and Marcel. When she’s not with her uncle. Its been long enough to establish these characters and the role they play in shaping life in the quarter. But really nothing has changed since we first meet them. Sophie to me had the best place because she is how all this mess started. But her time came and went and she was killed off the show. Now we have a couple of new characters, which I might add. Are better written and I’m looking forward to learning more. Klaus is another sore spot for me.  The parts he revealed in TVD where great in small doses. Why that worked? His the anti-villain. We know he loves, and has a heart but are the writers in TO really showing that to the fans? Most fans dislike his tantrums and are not really connecting with him.

5) No true thread to hold the show together or glue. Going into this show we held true to Always and Forever, Family first. But the past episodes have taken us on a different route. You really can’t trust anybody but at the same time there is no core holding this cast together. I thought it was going to be the baby, but that subject only comes up when needed.  In order to add drama bonds have to be broken but how are they going to mend?  Klaus trust no one, not even his family. And he is acting out and plotting against everyone. Elijah cares for Hayley and the baby, but those feelings are clouding his judgement. Hayley so keen on having reunited her family, does not really plan her future or the babies. Marcel is trying to get his kingdom back but at what cost. I feel he should have more of a connection with The Originals . The witches are in the middle trying to find solid ground and gain their power back. So you see even writing down the show seems chaotic.

With ratings going down each week for this show. It hurts me the potential that is lost. I think the writers are doing a great job but they need to stay with one storyline longer then just for an episode. Plots I feel were great but dropped. Klaus’ clan…we should already see him interacting with them. Why not? The baby…Julie Plec said this was going to be the center focus for the season. Even if some people hate the baby plot, they still want to know more. And we really don’t get that from the writing. Marcel ‘s journey, sure I love to see flashbacks of him and The Originals. But what about how he made it after they left. I still have hope that this show could be amazing and the fans are still here but with each episode being a disappoint for some. Can the show live on to fulfill its true greatness. The writers have it all: Hybrids, 1000yr vampires, witches, warlocks and wolves but can they pull it together enough to keep the fans around? Paley Fest is this weekend and The Originals have a panel, I hope all these questions are answered. Really looking forward to the last half of the show and where it will leave The Originals.

What do you think? Are you let down by some plots?




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