The Originals and TVD Crossover: Who Should and Why


The net has been buzzing about potential crossovers already in the works for The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Here are my suggestion of who should visit The Big Easy and why:


Why? because with Silas on her tail and Katherine doing what she does best running, why not. Sure, she is not going for gumbo and a quick conversation with Klaus but there is Elijah. Here’s hoping that the pesky dagger is gone and he is away from the deranged Davina. Elijah could help her, he did love her. So her taking a road trip would be perfect. Elijah could broker a deal with his brother. Katherine being human could help Klaus out a lot. Hybrids could come in handy fighting a war, plus he could ask Sophie about her turning again. This is the most logical pick for me at the moment.



2)Stefan (aka) Rippah!!1397

Why? He’s Klaus’s buddy and if the previews serve true. He really is the Stefan Klaus met in the twenties. He could be ally or a threat. Either way it would make one hell of episode on The Originals. Plus, Stefan needs to get away. He used Elena as his comfort for three months. So coming back and seeing her with Damon still has to burn a bit. Also The Originals could use a little help down in the quarter. Rebekah could also need a little distraction from making sure her feelings for Marcel don’t come in to play.


Why? There’s no need to explain. No doubt the blonde should be on the show at some point. My question is how. My crossover theory. Marcel ask Davina to find a way to kill an Original. We know witches communicate on the other side. So maybe Bonnie catches wind and tells Jeremy. Who then of course tells the gang. Now, they are worried because they know if an original dies, they do too. So I could see Damon enlisting Caroline to make a visit or at least a phone call. Just give a nice warning, this could also lead to the rumors of Caroline really admitted how she feels about Klaus. And who’s to say Bonnie does not pick up anything else that the witches may be discussing magical baby. And we know Caroline, she will want to give Klaus an ear full on how she feels about him becoming a father…..

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