The Originals: Who’s Better For Klaus? Caroline -vs- Hayley..[poll]


After viewing this weeks episode of The Originals and seeing my time line blow up with comparisons to Klaus’s relationship with both Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] and Caroline[Candice Accola]. I decided to do a pros and cons list. What factors in to this list is both romantically and on a friendship base, so let’s have a look…



  • Werewolf
  • Klaus’s Baby Mama
  • Crafty
  • A Fighter
  • Family


  • Impulsive
  • Manipulator
  • Lone Wolf

Why they could work:

Now looking at all of her strong qualities. Hayley would appeal to Klaus’s werewolf side, they do share similar backgrounds as far as family. Hayley is searching for her family and wants to belong somewhere. Klaus and the baby would give her that, also giving him that in return. They could be a strong couple in the sense of family values and fighting for what they believe in. Both know what it feels like to be alone and  learn how to survive. The baby would make their bond even stronger, as they would have to protect this child at all cost. Hayley being just as crafty as the Mikaelson could help in that department. What kind of king would she let Klaus be? The one he wants to be, Hayley still shows a little fear when it comes to the hybrid. She seems like she would not give him must fight, but when pushed against a wall. This wolf would come out fighting for sure.

Why they wouldn’t work:

Hayley’s cons are pretty strong. She is just as impulsive as Klaus. That could cause issues because both would want to react to anything quickly. Not really thinking the issue out first. Next we have to remember that Hayley manipulated Tyler and double crossed him for family. I don’t think she would turn as quickly on Klaus, but with her impulsiveness who’s to say. Last, she’s a lone wolf. Hayley keeps to herself not really letting anyone inside. The past episodes of the show, she has been good at only telling them want she wants them to know. The same story her background that’s it.  So this wolf holds her cards close, I’m hoping to learn more.

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  • Has Klaus’s heart
  • Leader
  • Protective
  • Caring
  • Loyal


  • Sensitive
  • Insecure
  • Overachiever

Why they could work:

The biggest reason is Klaus loves her. She brings out a side of him that only certain people see, I mean she got him to laugh. Like really laugh. She challenges him, pushing him to do more than what is expected. With a war going on between someone who knows you so well, this could come in handy. She is a natural leader and cares for people, this could help Klaus. He is not a social creature by nature but Caroline sure is. Plus…Caroline is mother material already. Klaus and Caroline both are very loyal and it would take a lot to get them to betray one another. What kind of king would she let Klaus be? The very best one there is, that is one thing we can count on with Caroline. She would let him rule, but push him when she objects to something. She will challenge him and keep him on his toes. Also deep inside Caroline would be protective towards Klaus’s baby, because of her love for him.

Why they wouldn’t work:

Her friends and family would play a big factor in Caroline’s relationship with Klaus. At some point she would have to make a choice. Caroline being the loyal person she is, that would be hard for her. Klaus would have a problem with Caroline’s sensitivity from time to time. Causing problems in how Klaus handles things. Plus Caroline does not let her childhood hold her back and Klaus seems to dwell on his. She went through things by herself too, turning into a vampire, her father torturing her. Then having to ease her mom into accepting her, but she has never let that stop her. So she understands him but she would not let him dwell on not feeling loved or wanted. That could be a pro or con.

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My choice: Caroline because I think she brings out the best in Klaus. They compliment each other well. I think Hayley brings out his darkness, him and her both sharing the same back story. Caroline brings out a lightness in him, something I feel Klaus longs for. She breathes life back to him that as we know has long be forgotten from time to time. So who do you think is better.

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