The Originals: Will Hayley Have to Choose?


Last weeks episode of The Originals brought up a lot of good points. Even if Elijah was the one with the choice this episode. It also hinted at hard decisions to come. One of them being, will Hayley have to choose the wolves over The Mikaelson’s. My guest is yes..reasons point to this happening in the future. Celeste already let Elijah know she is the only witch that can break the curse over Hayley’s family. Also in the mix will be the promise Hayley made to Jackson at the end of the episode. That she will find a way to break the curse. Well, from the looks of Celeste’s plan, I think Hayley’s day is coming.

Hayley’s main purpose on this show or what brought her to New Orleans in the first place, has been to find her family. After her and Elijah discover their whereabouts and the curse placed on them by Marcel. Hayley has made moves to break that curse. First by befriending Davina, trying to show the witch that she can trust her. Leading to maybe her helping Hayley later. But that plan fell through when Davina was sacrificed to complete the harvest. Next she makes a deal with Sophie, giving up the location of Celeste’s body. As that plan falls and she confesses to Elijah about what she did. It puts a little distant between them, but Elijah understands. Family above all right?

So that leads us to this week and the information that Celeste/Sabine reveals to Elijah. My theory is she will also offer a deal to Hayley about helping her people. Let’s face it Celeste has more than one reason to try to get rid of Hayley. It being obvious that her and Elijah have something between them. So I predict that later mama wolf is going to have to make a choice. And my prediction may surprise some of you. I think she will take the deal. I think in the end she will betray The Mikaelsons. Not because she hates them but because she has a more secure future with the wolves. Already having the prospect of a husband may not be what is driving her but leading her people and saving them may. And let’s not forget about Klaus the wildcard. Will he really let her have a say so in his child’s future? I’m sure Hayley has thought of this too.

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Then there is also Klaus’ werewolf clan lurking around town, something tells me this will be an issue later. When the baby comes and if the clans see this as uniting them. Or the power that could break them…..who’s to say. Julie Plec was right in one thing ,The Originals is a lot darker but with the plot being firmly placed on family. That’ tells me it’s room for a lot of betrayal all in the name of it.

So what do you think…Sound off below!

  • Will Hayley betray the Mikaelsons?
  • Will her clan become a force in this story?
  • Is this the last time we see Jackson?

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