The Originals: Will Klaus & Hayley finally agree?

During The Originals and The Vampire Diaries 2 hr crossover event. Klaus was busy getting the low-down on Caroline’s life. While expressing his wishes to make Caroline(Candice King) happy, Stefan(Paul Wesley) throws some advice back. In what seems like a little snip towards Klaus for bugging him the whole time about Caroline. Stefan focuses the hybrid on an important relationship of his own. The one he shares with Hayley(Phoebe Tonkin). Klaus(Joseph Morgan) and Hayley have not aways seen eye to eye, the beginning of the season starts off rocky. However, the drive for the safety of family has turned them closer. Possibly, leading the two to have a heart to heart about Hope’s future, and how it will affect them both.

This season we have seen a change in Hayley, hard truths have her questioning her family, and I do not mean the wolves. After losing Jackson, Hayley starts to notice that anyone who loves them always meets a tragic end. This season has certainly proven this point. Cami and Klaus’s relationship dynamics has changed, since her turning. Marcel has had some close calls too.  I think Hayley is focusing on her and Hopes safely? We know the Mikaelsons’ will do anything in their power to protect her and Hope, but is that enough for Hayley at this point? Heading into this week we see Klaus’s paranoia start to resurface, and I am quite sure Hayley and Hope will play a major part. So as Stefan objectively looks at his and Caroline’s relationship, I hope the writers let Klaus and Hayley explore theirs. Hayley has shown that she cares for Klaus and loves The Mikaelsons, as she has paid the highest price in all of this with the loss of Jackson. It would be great to see the family, protect her and let her know how they feel too, maybe this is the bright future ahead for Klayley.

For The Originals happily ever afters seems short-lived on this show. The start of this season has been one of loss for everyone and the writers are promising a tragic end. . One that might not lead to bloodshed, but emotionally disastrous for all the Mikaelsons in the end.

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