Hayley and Elijah’s fate is still up in the air, but Carina Mackenzie weighs in on her hardest episode yet.  


Carina MacKenzie talks ships, romanticizing violence in the vampire genre and why she cried writing her most difficult episode yet. Have a listen and weigh in on this conversation because I think this brings up a lot of issues overall that have plagued The Originals from the start. I applaud Carina for bringing this discussion to the forefront of the show, but I do disagree on several remakes made.

Hitting back on my first note I do not think Hayley’s biggest issue is being in a relationship with Elijah but more so her overall role in this show from the beginning. I also don’t think Hayley and Elijah’s relationship is the most violent, but I do understand Carina and Julie’s view on why. Also, I do not agree with Carina’s view on the vampire/gothic genre romanticizing death and violence. I think many that love this genre would agree it has always been so much more than that and it encompasses so much more that explaining it would be a whole other article in itself. However, overall I agree with most points and would love to hear what you think so drop us a comment on your take.


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