Original writers answer fans questions about Klaus and Hayley’s relationship.

Originals’ writer Carina MacKenzie and Executive Producer Michael Narducci tease fans with what is in store moving forward for Klaus and Hayley. At the beginning of the season, Klaus is the sole caretaker of Hope, of course, his siblings are close by helping him. At the end of season two Klaus (Joseph Morgan) curses Hayley along with her wolves to forever keep their form, except for every full moon. As Davina has her agenda with setting things straight in the witch community, she enlists the help of Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) casting a spell to return the hybrid back to her human form. Along with Jackson, after Hayley completes her deal with Davina, she heads straight for Hope. What takes place is an incredible scene that earned Phoebe Tonkin  performance of the week.

The fallout is later resolved with Hayley and Jackson moving next door to Klaus with baby Hope. At the beginning of this series, it obvious that Hope would be Klaus’s driving force in the series and throughout we have seen glimpses of the hybrid opening up to Hayley. Klaus trust Hayley, and she is part of the Michaelson clan. However, the two have had very little interacting lately, leaving Klayley fans asking why. While others might count this ship out, the writers warn that may not be a wise choice. Take a look at what the writers have to say.

As it should be, Hayley will always have a presence is Klaus’s life, it would be wonderful to have the writers get back to the root of the story. Carina also said that we will see more of Hayley’s past, and she will still have a storyline outside of The Mikaelsons. All of this sounds fantastic given that most audiences like to see characters interact with everyone. So giving Hayley something fresh and still working on her relationship with Klaus looks very appealing.

Originals' Writer Teases Big Klaus and Hayley Moments to Come.





Originals' Writer Teases Big Klaus and Hayley Moments to Come.




The Klayley fandom has been on the writers for a while about giving Klaus and Hayley more scenes, so Michael Narducci gives them hope for an amazing second half of the season. So you know my motto ship whom you love, so keep your faith Klayley. Klaus and Hayley’s story seems far from over.

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