Fans of Stefan and Klaus will see them in an upcoming crossover.

The CW President Mark Pedowitz gave fans of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries lots to006 (1) talk about with announcing an upcoming crossover for the shows. Crossovers have been the number one request from fans of both supernatural drama’s since The Mikaelsons took off for New Orleans. Season one of The Originals introduced Tyler briefly, but it had no lasting effect on either show and left fans of The Vampire Diaries disappointed. Don’t get me started on Nina Dobrev’s crossover because it was not one. It seems since the Friday night move, Julie Plec along with the writers feel this is the most organic storyline they can tell at the moment. However, Klaroline fans still want, wish and hope that someday Klaus(Joseph Morgan) will meet up with his Miss Mystic Falls beauty, although he has taken the step with Camille( Leah Pipes) in the mid-season finale. Only to be left with their fate hanging on if Cami is coming back as a vampire. However, while Caroline (Candice Accola King) processed her feelings for the hybrid during Season five of TVD, Klaus has not adequately addressed his concerning Caroline. So it will be interesting to see how that comes into the crossover since Stefan(Paul Wesley) will surely ask Klaus how he feels. Executive Producer Julie Plec confirms the two will discuss Caroline, and Klaus will have something to say.

“You will see, organically, a crossover this year,” Pedowitz confirmed. “Not of the size and scope of we do with Arrow and Flash. They have to make sense [story-wise].”

The event kicks off during Episode 14 of Vampire Diaries, in which “Stefan finds himself very much in need of a mystical safe haven,” executive producer Julie Plec previewed. “And as we’ve seen on The Originals, there is a bar called The St. James Infirmary, in which no magic can permeate. So he goes to seek refuge in New Orleans and comes face-to-face with Klaus Mikaelson because, of course, nothing happens in Klaus’ town without Klaus knowing. I call it the reunion of the Bourbon buddies.”

Stefan will stay put in New Orleans during The Originals “to help Klaus clear up some business that he’s dealing with at the moment that actually has a direct impact on Stefan himself,” Plec continued.

As for whether the vamp’s current squeeze will be traveling with him to The Big Easy, “All I can say is that Caroline has an involvement in the way that we’ve decided to dramatize the crossover, and I’m sure there are spoilers aplenty if people want to read further,” Plec shared with a laugh.


So there you have fans, we finally get to see both shows reconnect again. Plus the bonus of Caroline being brought up in the conversation. Of course, we do not know the full scope of everything, but something tells me it will not be taken lightly as before. As for the other shipper fandoms out there, don’t worry. This show is full of shipper drama and everything seems to be a hurdle for each one. Until the shows end, it is hard to tell who will be endgame, but it will be fun watching to find out.


VIAPhoto Credit: The CW
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