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The Originals Character Posters: Take A Closer Look..

The Originals from the start has always been big with symbolism. Since the first character cards  released from season 1.

Klaus Mikaelson

10421452_657592194348140_8773377231715935470_n (1)



Hayley Marshell 

The Originals Character Posters: Take A Closer Look...

Take a closer look!


Elijah Mikaelson



Take a closer look!!!




The Originals Character Posters: Davina and Camille Hints For Season 2.


Take a closer look!!




The Originals Character Posters: Davina and Camille Hints For Season 2.


Take a closer look

The Originals Character Posters: Take A Closer Look...
























Source: Pictures The CW, Symbolism.

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The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

Eonline has given us the biggest scope to date from EP Julie Plec herself, about the first crossover for The Originals and TVD. This one is a big one Nina Dobrov is heading to The Originals. Adding to her Doppelgänger status and playing one more we have yet to meet but only heard of…Tatia. For those of you who do not watch TVD here is a little snippet of the conversation Elijah and Klaus share with Stefan and Damon about Tatia.

Here is what Julie Plec had to say about it:

Plec teases that Tatia’s presence will bring out a side to the Original brothers that fans have seen them struggle with time and time again: falling in love with the same woman. “What we remember from The Vampire Diaries, for those who watch both shows, is that [Klaus and Elijah] both loved her, so it’s a little bit of history repeating itself like with Stefan [Paul Wesley] and Damon [Ian Somerhalder],” Plec says. “And then Esther [Alice Evans], their mother, killed her so that she could make Klaus not a hybrid. There’s lots of secrets and scandal and romance and terrible tragedy attached to her character. We’ll get to go back into the past to see how that all played out.” [button link=”” color=”black”]Read Full Interview Here[/button]

Source: Eonline 

With the recent spoilers we’ve learned I have three top theories as to why Julie Plec and Co are introducing this story line.

The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

Esther’s Secret:   We all have seen the spoilers about Esther’s bombshell she is supposed to drop this season on The Originals, could this story be the root of it. Was Tatia giving some sort of choice and she chose the wrong brother to love. Or she could not choose and with Esther not really wanting her sons to be at odds kills her. Using her in the ritual to turn them into vampires? Or at least that’s the how the story was told to us but I have a feeling theses more. Tatia could have also stumbled upon Esther’s shame about Niklaus, finding out his father was not Mikael. My head is spinning with this one and I’m sure it will come to this. I mean most of the tales of the Doppelgängers are tragic so this one should be no different. This could also give the brothers a new view on their history and what loving the same women has caused them. **hint**

Foreshadowing a Klaus, Hayley and Elijah Triangle: 

The Originals and TVD Crossover: We Finally Met Tatia But What Could It Mean?

I know..a lot of you do not want to see another triangle but there are a lot of fans that want to see Hayley end up with one of our beloved brothers. I think this is the weakest  theory only because I would view this flashback as a cautionary tale. How there has always been a women between the two them. Something that we know Elijah will be dealing with this season. The chemistry between Hayley and Elijah is there and I don’t see Klaus changing how Hayley feels about Elijah anytime soon. At least not in this season. We still have to remember Klaus has something we  have yet to see with Camille. But it is plausible since our shows love to use props to foreshadow or bring other characters up in the spotlight. Right now with no clear mention of any of The Originals past loves or present. Hayley would automatically be the center of how the audience will relate to this story. Or at least those that do not watch TVD.

tumblr_mwtsdlYqrp1sj92x4o1_500  Acknowledging  Past and Present Loves. 

This is my top theory mixed in with a bit of  Esther’s secret one. Think about it… Plec already hinted that Klaus and Caroline do have unfinished business but a crossover has not been confirmed. Also Julie has said the crossover has to be “organic”. So showing the audience this flashback could lead to more that may involve Caroline and what she means to Klaus. I’ve always seen Caroline and Klaus’ story as an epic, tragic love story. That is what keeps my faith with this couple. Only because everyone is life has always wondered about what it could have been with this person or the next. If this person was the one and we just meet at the wrong time in our lives..etc.  Klaroline symbolizes to me the only relatable love story in both shows. Trust me, I understand the allure of the other ships. Klamille with their dark past. Klayley with their shared interest and child. Haylijah with their chemistry and allure. But I still see those as fairy tales, which don’t get me wrong we all love fairy tales but Klaroline has always been a struggle. For Caroline to get to the point and confess her feelings for Klaus despite  all he’s done. That’s compelling and interesting to me. But what I love about T.V is there is a little for all of us. Which brings me to Katherine and Elijah’s history. These two have been in and out of each other’s lives for over 500 years. I think he needs to know that Katherine is dead. Julie has hinted that Caroline will get a mention but I think their going surprise us with a Katherine mention too. Both these women have played important parts of shaping both men and their attitudes towards love in The Originals. If or when Caroline crosses over the audience will need to know a little about her, same for Katherine. Elijah could reflect on that relationship too and how it relates to him and Hayley.

Whatever the writers have in store, I’m excited to see where it would lead. So what are your theories? Sound off below.

Don’t miss this episode of The Originals and TVD crossover, which will air November 3rd at 8pm. Mark your calendars…




EXCLUSIVE! The Originals Cast Dish On Klayley & Halijah At Comic-Con!

EXCLUSIVE! The Originals Cast Dish On Klayley & Halijah At Comic-Con!Perez Hilton talks with The Originals cast on love potentials for season 2. While Phoebe (Hayley) notes her character is in a dark place and is trying to reconnect with herself. Daniel (Elijah) explains how Elijah is going to try to help Hayley while keeping his distance. His plan of action? Get Klaus and Hayley to connect. Joseph (Klaus) talks about what he sees on the horizon for these two. Saying Klaus is going to take a mentor role in Hayley’s transition into a hybrid. And hopes that these two will later become friends and more like brother and sister.  Julie Plec adds that right at this moment Hayley needs a friend.

So it seems like Halijah will have speed bumps but be pretty much on in season 2 of The Originals. While Klayley will just be friends. Maybe thats because Klaus has another blond to worry about. Cami and Klaus shared some intense scenes during the first season of The Originals. Also with talks about a TVD and The Originals crossover in the works. We can only hope for Klaus’ love Caroline will pay visit.

See all The Originals Cast Talk About Their Characters. 

The CW released a web clip for The Originals 1×19 “an Unblinking Death.” In this clip Elijah and Klaus are still taking jabs at each other in their own way. Discussing their mothers grimoire and helping the crescent wolves.

Watch the promo here!!

This past week on The Originals..Elijah (Daniel Gillies) had to make a very difficult decision. Save either: Klaus, Rebekah or Hayley. We all know which one he chose but will Klaus and Rebekah understand? Some of us fans don’t. Yes…we understand Hayley is pregnant with his brother’s child. Elijah being the perfect uncle and saving Hayley and the baby, but what about his choice to run back in and help her friend. Watching, it looks as if he had time to at least get her and Rebekah, but he made the choice to save Jackson. Hayley’s newly discovered mate, who is the wolf that has been watching her all along.

The Always and Forever vow does include the baby…but looking at the history of issues with these siblings. It could be the same story with Elijah from their view-point. Klaus thinking his brother will always choose against him. Certainly when it comes to women. As Klaus once stated “It always comes down to the pretty little wolf.” Let’s not forget Rebekah who has of late, called her brother out on more than one occasion about him being a hypocrite. How his love for Hayley will destroy the family. Julie Plec, executive producer seem to hint at that very same view. While speaking to E!online.

More Updates on The Originals!

Hayley-elijah-1x09Original Woes: Plec teases that the next episode is “actually really crazy” as they do something the show has never done before.
“We go outside of the Quarter and we put Rebekah and Klaus into a trap situation in a creepy, horrible, messed up sanitarium from back in the day, and Genevieve, just basically working between the two of them, enacts her revenge,” she says. “We’ll learn why Genevieve’s revenge is so specifically targeted towards Rebekah and what exactly she’s going to do to make Rebekah suffer as much as possible.”
And yes, there will be consequences for Elijah after he decided to save Hayley over his brother and sister. “There’s a guilt attached to that, there’s a shame attached to that,” Plec says. “There’s a logic attached to it, of course—when in doubt, save the baby. But it definitely drives him very hard to rescue his siblings in the next episode and to try and pull the family back together, even as it’s under assault.”

So how should we see Elijah act out? As seen at the end of this weeks episode. He was not too happy or noble. As he enters the courtyard and confronts the other vampires about his brothers whereabouts. He becomes very hostile even drawing Hayley out as she tries to calm the original. One thing I am very happy about this turn around and hope it sticks. I always loved Elijah in this mood during TVD. So I’m looking forward to it.

So what do you think…sound off below!

  • Will Elijah eat himself up with guilt?
  • How will it affect him and Hayley’s relationship?
  • How will Rebekah and Klaus react once freed?

When does The Originals return?

The CW gives us a sneak peek of next weeks The Originals “Dance Back from the Grave.” Rebekah explains to Elijah how Klaus’ never ending cycle of emotions plays out when it comes to family. Does she have a point…I think she may.


More news on The Originals here!!!

The Originals episode looks to be a good one this week but with TVD’s 100 episode set for Thursday. Many are wondering how Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will get word about Katherine’s demise. I have two theories about how The Originals will get word of what the Mystic Falls crew has been going through. Some are also wondering if another Original will make an appearance.

klaus-phone-callWe all know Tyler is stuck down in the “garden” and I’m sure he had a cell phone on him. So my first theory is, Klaus listens to a message left by Caroline about what is going on. We know the hybrid will be interested  if there our multiple messages left my his “last love.”

Next…and this is the one I’m betting on. Cause I have faith in the writers. Caroline and Katherine had some pretty close moments so far in season 5. We all know that Caroline is a fighter and will try to find every possible solution. So I think Miss Forbes will call Klaus herself and inform him of what is going on. This leads me to the “bad thing” Caroline later confesses too. I don’t think it has to do with the speculated Klaroline kiss. I think she will call Klaus and things will not go as planned which will have a trickle effect through the gang. Leaving Caroline to feel guilty about calling the hybrid in the first place. But we all know Caroline’s character will have to face the music and make a big decision later on this season. I think that has everything to do with our hybrid. And from spoilers we know Tyler will be back but I’m hoping Elijah will come along for the ride. I would love to see him and Katherine say goodbye or at least hello.

Let’s face it Klaus needs someone in his corner and with Hayley and Elijah making puppy eyes at each other and Camille hell-bent on making him pay. Caroline seems like the best person to have in his corner. Let’s not forget his allure with the blonde vampire. But we don’t have long to wait. With a new episode of The Originals this week and the return of TVD. It’s sure to be more than our shipper hearts can handle. How do you think Klaus will return?

The CW released a web clip for The Originals upcoming episode “Apres Moi, Le Deluge.” As Elijah,Hayley and Klaus sit in a room. Things start to get a little shaky. Watch as Klaus explains his view on witches. Seems like someone still has some mommy issues.

With all of the year-end polls and list coming out. It’s no surprise The Originals cast is topping the list. Buddy TV released 100 sexiest men and women on TV for 2013. The Originals had the most cast members. No shocker if you’re a fan of the show. Check out where each cast member ranked. Did your favorite make the list?


#49) Daniel Gillies (Elijah Mikaelson)



#36) Charles Michael Davis (Marcel-Marcellus Gerard)

Girl in New Orleans


#21) Joseph Morgan (Klaus-Niklaus Mikaelson)



Latest news on The Originals



#73 Leah Pipes (Cami-Camille O’Connell)

Tangled up in Blue


#41 Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley Marshall)


#30 Claire Holt (Rebekah Mikaelson)

Reigning Pain in New Orleans



The Vampire Diaries came in second with most ranked. Check out where their cast ranked here.

In a recent interview The Originals Daniel Gillies talks about Elijah’s weaknesses, he answered devotion to Klaus and girls. I think just in that one sentence Daniel summed up Elijah very well. He does go into some of Elijah’s demons. When asked would Elijah ever forgive Klaus. Gillies pointed out that if Elijah could ever forgive himself first. I agree both brothers are equally dark for me. Klaus with his insecurities  and anger. Elijah with his regret and shame. So will these two brother’s ever see eye to eye? Gillies seems to think they won’t a least until they heal. And we all know Elijah thinks the magical miracle baby is his answer, but I wonder if that is beginning to change. With Elijah’s new-found attraction to Hayley. What do you think?

Ksite TV released stills from the upcoming The Originals episode 1×08 ‘The River in Reverse”. Its seems from the stills Elijah is going to be having hallucinations that might involve this flashback. This episode also will have Klaus in a bad situation as Marcel and Rebekah try to get some retribution. Full synopsis here.

The River in Reverse

The River in ReverseThe River in ReverseThe River in ReverseThe River in ReverseThe River in ReverseThe River in ReverseThe River in Reverse

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The Originals Tuesday highlight or storyline I am ready to see tonight is Hayley and Elijah. Last week we saw possible sparks between the two. Which is still a little weird for me being she is pregnant with his brother’s baby, but hey why not. They look absolutely  adorable together and I like their chemistry better than Klaus and Hayley. So will this alarming event draw them closer? Don’t miss The Originals tonight!


My Favorite scenes of them so far






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