The Originals ‘City Beneath the Sea’ Top Moment.

[quote_left]Klaus is back…….[/quote_left]

I’m so happy with the recent change in Klaus Mikaelson or shall I say the writers’ change. I’ve missed my diabolical master mind for so long.  Moving on to this episode, as you know Klaus is daggered. Dahlia uses this opportunity to give him a little history lesson.

Dahlia shows Klaus the village where his mother and her grew up. Before the vikings came and took them away. Dahlia showing her power to save her sister becomes enslaved to do black magic for the vikings. Meanwhile.. Esther is off falling in love with Mikael. Once Esther renounces her magic and leaves her sister. Dahlia is heartbroken and left alone.


Now we flash forward to Freya and Dahlia. As she explains what Freya was going through magically and why it is important for her to help Hope.  According to Dahlia all first born are powerful witches in their bloodline.  What causes a danger for Hope is her werewolf gene and Klaus vampire blood. One dangerous little ball of destruction.




All this leads up to my top moment of The Originals ‘City Beneath the Sea’. Dahlia explains to Klaus that she will help him with Hope. The weak link in this beautiful scenario Hayley. As Dahlia explains that her stubbornness will separate Klaus and his daughter. So she must die!


Top Moment: Klaus reborn…..but with hell-bent rage and vengeance 


Finally admitting that he never cared much for Hayley but his family does. He accepts Dahlia’s offer and a new evil duo is born.  Moving forward Klaus will kill anyone that stands between him getting his daughter back, including Hayley and his family.  Yes….YES….YES!!!! Oh how I’ve missed you Klaus.

The reason…..well because Klaus is back. I’ve missed him a lot. This is the real Klaus Mikaelson folks. Yes…this story is about redemption and Klaus does need to change in order to get to that point. But since the beginning of this show and especially in the second season. Everyone pushed Klaus into that change. We all know that pushing someone is not going to have a lasting effect. Klaus is messed up in the head and this is why so many people fell in love with him. He does things to the extreme to cover up his hurt and disappointment. But in doing all that he gives us layers upon layers of how deep he really is. I never really understood what the writers were doing with his character until this very episode. Klaus is paranoid and psychotic so having everyone tell him what to do is very out of character.  Klaus loves being in control and that is because he never felt in control growing up. Soft Klaus was a bore.  So I’m excited for the return of the villain.

Welcome back Klaus…’s been way to long. klaussmile

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