The Originals : Are Klaus and Cami Headed for a Tragic Ending?


The Originals have a new vampire to deal with, Camille but how will Klaus handle it?

The Original fans are already talking about vampire Cami (Leah Pipes) and if she will learn to control her darkness. In The Originals “A Ghost Along the Mississippi” we see Cami struggle with her choice of becoming a vampire as Klaus (Joseph Morgan) tries to give her no choice, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) steps in with some big brother advice for the hybrid. That ensures he will not lose Cami forever. However, I do not think anyone saw this new side of Camille coming. The writers gave us a hint while Aurora further examined Klaus and Cami’s connection and pulled a secret out of Camille about her darker days and what Klaus possibly could have seen in her. However, Klaus does admit that darkness along with what drew him to Camille in the first place, the challenge will come with how much of that is truly Camille.

What I find interesting is while Camille is afraid of her transition and the darkness taking over, Klaus very well knows whom she will become. However, I think Klaus has a surprise as to what the darker side will reveal about who Cami. EP Michael Narducci explains that Cami will have a hard road to face, and that very question will hang around for a minute as Cami comes to terms with her vampirism.











It should come as no surprise that Cami “is in for a long transition in discovering who she is as a vampire,” per Narducci, who hints that she’ll want to explore the “dark impulses” we learned about earlier this season. “She’s going to swing in the way of exploring her impulses and embracing the newfound power that she has.” And yes, you should definitely be worried about Klaus being her guide. “Klaus isn’t genetically engineered to be a good influence,” Narducci reminds us. “There’s a chance this path will bring out the worst in both of them.”


This will be a long road ahead for Klamille fans; I am sure Cami will find her way back. However, my question is to what self? It seems that the writers are hinting at Klaus not really knowing Cami at all. Not saying he does not know her, he knows the parts of what she has revealed to him and his insight. But will that be enough to keep Klaus and Cami together or will this just be what tears them apart. As Klaus will be stuck with the guilt of dealing with her actions and how they reflect on him or the trouble he feels he has caused her. Judging from next weeks promo, this will prove to be a challenge for our hybrid and how he will deal with it. Which Michael Narducci hints could lead tragic in the end.

Speaking of Cami’s new tutor, we can apparently expect big surprises from Klaus in the second half of Season 3: Not only is he finally making amends with Hayley, but he’s also “learning from some of his mistakes!” Moving forward, “there are also going to be some really tragic moments that will shake … Klaus to his core. The finale will be heartbreaking and tragic, as our finales tend to be.”


Are you enjoying where Klaus and Cami’s relationship is heading? Do you think Klaus will pull Cami from the darkness? Drop a comment below. 

The Originals return February 5th, on The CW. Staring at 9/8c with “Wild at Heart.”


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