‘The Originals’ Klaroline Ad, Oh it’s real!!


If you have been on twitter the past day or so, a new ad has been floating around for ‘The Originals.’ The ad was found in a french magazine called “Series.” It has a fan-made poster for the show as a promotional ad for the show, but there’s a problem. Caroline and Klaus are in this ad.  This comes as a shock for two reasons:

  • They had to know Caroline was not in ‘The Originals’, well maybe.
  • Most of the fan made art work is label as that, So…..
My conclusion, Julie Plec can’t put it on the Klaroline  fandom about wanting Caroline in the show. Its seems publishers do too. Fan art was made by Swinty81 link here. So happy for you to get published. It is one of my favorite fan art posters with Caroline included.
Promotional Ad for The Originals as Klaroline


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