The Originals Season Finale Scoop: More Death to Come.

Who will make it out alive by the end of The Originals Season 2. EP Michael Narducci gives us the scoop..

[quote_box_center]”Things will get worse before they get better!” executive producer Michael Narducci warns. With Dahlia, the last remaining first-generation Mikaelson, in town, expect a deadly showdown. “Some people are going to not make it,” Narducci says. “This was our Empire Strikes Backseason and … at the end of it you will, I hope, be devastated, but you’ll see that these people are not yet defeated. ” Adds Joseph Morgan: “There are moments which will really make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and we’ll see our heroes really stand together [which is] inspiring … But there’s also a very unexpected action from a character which turns the tide completely at the last moment.” Hmm, could that tease be related to this nugget Morgan shared earlier in the season? “I was pitching an idea where, at the end of Season 2, Marcel comes out of left field and tries to take the city. All along he’s been preparing these forces and we’ve been concentrating on our family and we never saw it coming.”[/quote_box_center]

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