New Vampires and New Love Interest on The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Is New Love on The Horizon?Michael Narducci says The Originals season 3 is like a reboot of the brand, driving more into the heart of real vampire fans by bringing in more vampires. I’ll be the first to admit, the werewolf storyline dragged a lot for me last season. Maybe it was the swift killing of Ansel, Klaus’s biological dad that turned me away. So this season Narducci promises more blood and history of The Originals family. With The Trinity making their way to New Orleans, this threat could also bring a new love to The Mikaelsons’ life but which one.  My guess is that The Trinity being the first vampires turned by The Originals, had “complicated” relationships with Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah. So I could totally see feelings of love and hate. It is a thin line after all.

As for season three’s romantic entanglements, Narducci promises love will play into the picture. “I know that we’re telling a really cool story and the cool thing about introducing these new vampires is that any one of these new vampires can be a potential love interest for any one of our characters,” offered Narducci. “It’s not like bringing back Kol, Finn, Esther and Mikael – none of those characters are potential love interests for Elijah, Klaus or Rebekah. But all of these new vampires that we’re bringing could be potential love interests. You have to wonder are they friends, are they foes, are they love interests, are they potential allies? Will those concepts shift over the course of the season? So, I’m very interested in exploring who was the first vampire that Klaus turned? Why did he turn this person? Who is the first person that Elijah turned and why did he turn this person? Who is the first vampire that Rebekah turned and why? We’re going to see those flashbacks and we’re going to see those vampires in the present.”


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The Originals return October 8th, starting at 9 pm EST on The CW.

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