The Vampire Diaries Easter Egg has Klaus missing for three years on The Originals.

The Vampire Diaries left a thousand and one questions as to what happens to Klaus Mikaelson? (Joseph Morgan) Caroline shows up in New Orleans three years in the future only to be told that Klaus has not been seen or heard from. Did Klaus fall, like the prophecy foretells or he is up to his old tricks?

Klaus Compels Everyone To Forget Him

The Originals: Where's Klaus Theories

If you’ve watched The Vampire Diaries, Klaus arrival was very low-key, and it was hard to track him down. Rose told Elena that you met a guy, and then he calls another guy, and finally you end up meeting Elijah or Klaus’s inner circle of people he trust. So with this in mind, It’s possible that Klaus feels threatened enough to go into hiding because he is so vulnerable to the sire line break. We still have not learned all the after effects, but I’m sure there is one that hinders Klaus’s abilities.

Klaus and The Mikaelsons Go on The Run

The Originals: Where's Klaus TheoriesGiven the history of The Mikaelsons’, they are no strangers to leaving town when trouble gets deep. They fled Mystic Falls and New Orleans before, so if danger arises I’m sure the family will know what to do and if that includes compelling the whole city and fleeing. They have the right amount of power to do so. Giving Kol is back, and Rebekah is still asleep, and Finn trapped in the amulet.

Something Awful Befalls Klaus 

The Originals: Where's Klaus Theories

Klaus over his thousand years on earth has accumulated lot’s of enemies and sometimes luck just runs out. I’m more on board with this theory because the others have been done before. Plus Klaus always gets out of trouble, but what if he doesn’t this time. I think it would be a great plot arch if that should happen. Seeing Klaus recover and regain his reign would be a nice change on The Originals. So I like this theory only because of the great storylines it could bring. However, It does hurt me whenever Klaus is taken down.



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