The Vampire Diaries / Originals’ Crossover First Look Photo.

The Vampire Diaries / Originals' Crossover First Look Photo.

The Vampire Diaries / Originals’ crossover airs February 26th on The CW

TV Insider gives us an exclusive frist look at the much-anticipated crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Fans of both shows have waited two years for a crossover to happen involving recent story plots. The last crossover to do that includes Tyler (Michael Trevino) going to New Orleans to get revenge on Klaus for killing his mother and destroying his relationship with Caroline Forbes (Candice King). The event gave The Originals one of their highest-rated episodes to date. Which leaves many to wonder why both shows never included more after that. Julie Plec and Michael Narducci have stuck to their guns and explained that another crossover could not take place until the material felt organic.

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Well, fang fans the material feels organic now, also given the fact that The Vampire Diaries will see a jump in timelines, so this is a last chance to bring both shows together. However, many fans speculate that this also has something to do with the decline in ratings for both shows having moved to Friday nights. As The Vampire Diaries continues to drop, The Originals holds steady, but both have returned to unsavory numbers for the network. So now since a crossover is long overdue, what will Stefan and Klaus discuss. Many fans are wondering if Klaroline will be involved, which is a ship that took The Vampire Diaries by storm with fan support. Also, one that has forever shadowed any of Klaus’ relationships on The Originals. Caroline and Klaus’s growth had an impact on both characters and many feel that the way the ship was handled has forever left fans asking why, when and please can we see that magic again. Well, Caroline Dries gives fans hope along with Julie Plec as they provide an answer to that question. The crossover will include Klaus finding out about Caroline’s pregnancy and lead to him and Stefan having a heart to heart. This will be an interesting conversation between Caroline’s current love and last, one that fans have wanted to see for some time. Which leads us to wonder if Stefan is revealing Caroline’s latest situation with the hybrid in the picture above. Good company and flowing bourbon seem to spill truths on both shows, so one can only guess this might be brought up in that way. The synopsis for both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover event has been released and from the sound of it. Stefan will find a safe place to stay, but not without helping Klaus.

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VIAPhoto Credit: The CW
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