The Vampire Diaries / Originals’ Get a Crossover, but Is it Too Late?

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The Vampire Diaries and The Originals Crossover event has fans on the fence. 

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will have a two-episode crossover event, set to air February 26th on The CW. However with the time it has taken for both shows to give into the crossover idea, many fans have opinions on if it is a right or not. The Originals has had very little mention of Mystic Falls, and this has led to fans of the show not knowing The Mikaelsons in The Vampire Diaries or the people they left in their departure. Julie Plec early on informed fans that crossovers would happen, but they do not want The Originals to rely heavily on them. More recently Michael Narducci gave his view and only wanted to do crossovers that felt organic to both storylines for the shows at the moment. While some fans are jubilant to see finally, the two worlds connect others are not so pleased and think the show does not need crossovers and can stand on its own. Here’s a look at the bigger picture.

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Ratings are a big part in the upcoming crossovers while the writers and network will not admit that it is the thing driving them, it is had not to believe the recent ratings do not have anything to do with. The Vampire Diaries moving for it is the first time to Fridays and The Originals moving for a fourth in its three-year span on the network has to have some weight on this recent decision to finally do a crossover.

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Stefan and Klaus will talk Caroline in Originals’/Vampire Diaries CrossoverFans for the crossover believe this might be the reason both shows have seen declines in ratings since season 2 of The Originals and Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries. We have to remember that Esther and Mikael first arrived in the new world and settled in what is now Mystic Falls. Being lead there by Ayala an ancestor of Bonnie Bennett. So just that fact alone expands on the importance of Mystic Falls as it relates to The Originals. Other notable events that have taken place:

  • Klaus breaks his curse in Mystic Falls, needed Elena’s blood to make hybrids.
  • Klaus first kills Mikael in Mystic Falls, with the help of Damon and Stefan Salvatore.
  • Elijah finally finds out where his siblings are being stored and resurrects them.
  • Rebekah helps locate the cure and explains what it could mean for her.
  • Elijah sees his lost love, Katherine, again. Which caused a break in the brothers relationship before Klaus broke the curse.
  • Hayley is introduced, and Hope Mikaelson was conceived from the one-night stand they shared in Mystic Falls.
  • We see the full back story of why, how and when The Originals were created. As Esther returns to kill her children once and for all.
  • We learn about the sire line of each original vampire and what happens if one is killed.
  • Kol and Finn both meet their deaths in Mystic Falls.

So you can clearly see where this is going. So I have to agree with most when I believe the actual story of The Originals starts in Mystic Falls and on The Vampire Diaries. Not acknowledging that history takes away from the very rich, compelling characters we see today.

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The Originals Episode 3x12 "Dead Angels" Synopsis and Preview Pics.
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However, I do understand the fans that do not want the shows to reconnect and would prefer if they stay separate. The Originals has done a good job of bringing in all the above points and storylines from The Vampire Diaries to introduce. So why do a crossover when the most important stuff is already done, and we have a beautiful thing called YouTube to where most fans that need the background can check out videos of past episodes of The Vampire Diaries? Plus some fans feel The Vampire Diaries is too teen for The Originals, but looking at both shows now. They are both dealing with very adult issues, and The Mystic Falls gang are out of high school.

The truth is there has not been a successful spin-off without it. Buffy had crossovers with Angel. Grey’s Anatomy had crossovers with Private Practice, Arrow with The Flash and now it has been announced that Supergirl will appear on The Flash. With the high competition on television and the introduction of Netflix and Hulu. TV networks along with producers have to create more intriguing storylines to keep viewers watching. This is what I feel is the drive and push for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover. Some fans may be blinded by ships on both sides wanting one to reunite and wanting the other to disappear to, further along, the current ships. However, this crossover is more than that; you have both shows in need of a fresh idea and storylines, and a crossover is the best way to do that. Introducing Mystic Falls to New Orleans will bring up a past Originals’ fans might have forgotten and bringing Klaus back to Mystic Falls is never a dull idea because he is one of the greatest villains in The Vampire Diaries history. So why I understand both reactions, I have to admit me falling in love with The Originals during season 3 of The Vampire Diaries will always win me over for seeing this cast reunited. I don’t think we will see a huge spike in ratings with both crossovers, but I do think fans will enjoy the storyline and it will keep them intrigued to tune in another week. Steady numbers is what we need and I’m sure the crossover will do just that.

What do you think, will the crossover help bring in better storylines or is it too late? Drop your comments below. 



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