Title Reveals For The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

Are you ready fang fans… The Originals return January 19th with their explosive second half of season 2. With so many elements at play it’s sure to keep us on our feet. Finn looks promising as the rising villain with the threat of Dahlia still on the horizon. We will learn the fate of Rebekah and Esther and see more of Hope and her magical abilities.

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The Vampire Diaries will follow with their return set for January 22nd. We will learn more on why vampire blood can’t heal cancer? (or at least I hope) If Kai will self implode with all his magical power? Will the gang realize he has Elena before it’s too late? And will Enzo live out his crazy revenge fantasy of making Stefan’s life a living hell?

[quote_box_center]The Originals – Episode 2.10- Set Your Flag on Fire (January 19)

The Originals – Episode 2.11 – Brotherhood of the Damned (January 26)

The Originals – Episode 2.12 – Sanctuary (February 2)

The Vampire Diaries – Episode 6.11 – Woke Up With A Monster (January 22)

The Vampire Diaries – Episode 6.12 – Prayer For the Dying (January 29)

The Vampire Diaries – Episode 6.13 – The Day I Tried To Live (February 5)[/quote_box_center]


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