Top Moments : The Originals ‘Exquisite Corpse’

Has karma finally caught up with Klaus.

The Originals did not disappoint with this one. Coming into episode 2.17,  Klaus Mikaelson has a real issue on his hands. In the form of his eldest sister Freya Mikaelson. Who has set out to make her brother’s life a living hell.

Top Moments: The Originals Exquisite Corpse


During this episode Klaus’s decision will lead to his demise , I’m sure. The evil Eva Sinclair is taking over her body relentlessly. Giving Rebekah Mikaelson a fight till the end.  Not understanding the full extent of this danger, Eva has been staying at the compound. Suddenly as she has a nightmare, she comes too and let’s Marcel have it. Walking out the door while heading up to Hope’s nursery.

This scares Klaus and Hayley. So the Original Hybrid sets out to seize control of the situation. Leading to an unexpected twist. Klaus enlist the help of Freya and Esther despite their differences, as he tries to help Rebekah and keep Hope safe.

But things soon don’t go as Klaus plans. Freya explains that the spell is too strong and she will need an anchor. Esther warns Klaus, once Freya suggest that he can be used. Telling her son that Freya will have access to all his thoughts and worse fears. Klaus rebuttals, explaining to Freya that he knows what she is doing. At this time Elijah appears and agrees, as Klaus tries to make him reconsider.

Once everyone is safe. Klaus begins to worry about his impulsive move. Knowing he would still do it for his Rebekah.  Klaus’s thousand years of being the worlds best villain, knows there is a storm brewing within Freya. One that might lead him to hard decision.

Top Moment: Klaus and Freya stand-off

Freya must have seen that Klaus would never trust her. Along with his worst fear, being utterly alone. So she plans to give him that fate, by taking away what he holds dear. His family. Pulling a classic Klaus move, Freya confronts Klaus, leaving him defeated….This is sure to change the game my friends. 

Don’t miss The Originals ‘ Night Has A Thousand Eyes.’ Monday April 13th, starting at 8/7c on The CW. 






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