Candice King’s Cute Bump Style

Vampire Diaries Candice King's Bump Style.
Credit: Candice King Instagram

Candice King (Accola) wowed fans with her exciting news on Instagram a few weeks ago. Candice, who plays (Caroline Forbes) on The Vampire Diaries, is expecting her first child with husband Joe King of (The Fray). The couple got married just last year in New Orleans and can’t wait for baby King to arrival, including Joe Kings two daughters from his previous marriage.  But until baby King comes Candice is looking beautiful sporting a lovely glow and some adorable clothing.

There is no official word yet on how far Candice is in her pregnancy, but so far I love her bump style look. It’s effortless beauty, and that’s something Candice has down. A day in Denver, to an evening in the park, including some nights out with her husband, Candice’s style is simple, elegant, and comfortable. Can’t wait to see more of Candice and baby King.

What do you think of Candice Kings’ Bump Style?