Wanna Help The Originals? Read This!


Wanna help The Originals stay and get a full season? Check into Getglue.com so you can help out. We know there are thousands of international fans out there, who would love to help out The Originals. Also special thanks to @geekorunique

the_originals_at_comiccon_2013A great way to support the show, specially for people who can’t help with the ratings since they live in another country, is getting an account on Get Glue and checking in for the show and for every episode.

Here what the CW President had to say about it:

“I would have spent the first six months not looking at ratings. I would have saved myself a lot of aggravation. I had an epiphany in December, when I started looking at the social-media grids like Get Glue, where our shows constantly are in the top 10.” (x)

So please create an account on Get Glue and support the show:


Spread the word! Thank you!



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